Purana Qila Gets Revamped Becomes Delhi’s New Hangout Spot

by Vidisha Khaitan
Purana Qila Gets Revamped Becomes Delhi’s New Hangout Spot

Purana Qila looks brand new after its lake has been rejuvenated. You can see its clear surface reflect the blue sky while walking alongside on green grounds. Work began last year in the fort and now it comes with a cafeteria, e-tickets, CCTV surveillance and a museum! We can’t wait to pack our badminton rackets and head straight to Purana Qila for the perfect picnic. Sunday mornings have a whole new meaning with a new attraction in town. Wait till the yoga enthusiasts discover this place.

What’s More?

Purana Qila
Picture Credit – Dr_mahesharma/ Twitter

In a fabulous example of corporate social responsibility, NBCC cleaned the 20,300 sqm lake and has committed 15 crore for its maintenance over two years. They shared the initial cleaning cost of 30 crore with Archaeological Survey of India.

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Purana Qila is bound to become the latest hangout spot in the city. Evenings there will be just as beautiful as daylight because of illumination of the fort. Old Fort’s west and northwest has been totally revamped too.

Purana Qila
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While the lake has made a comeback, boating stays in the past. The childhood memories of boating at Purana Qila are going to hurt now more than ever but, it is for the greater good after all. Measures to keep the lake refurbished also include prohibition of food and plastic water bottles. In a new wave of environmental awareness, people are also becoming conscious of individual responsibility. We have no doubt Delhi will succeed in protecting and conserving its environment.

Taking The Initiative

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The lake is not only a sight for sore eyes but also a step towards a greener city. It has been deepened to store rainwater along with other pits around the area for harvesting. The water is expected to remain clean as sewage water will also be diverted. Don’t drink it because we told you to!

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There has been one point of contention though. A plastic lining was added at the bottom of the lake at Purana Qila but, the National Green Tribunal gave its final nod. What about groundwater we ask? Time will tell how successful the project will be in its totality, and Delhi will only learn for its next awesome undertaking.

For now, we’re on our way there. You can come too but remember to keep it green!