Queen Elizabeth ll’s Death Can Change The Way People Travel And Here’s How

by Sanmita A
Queen Elizabeth ll’s Death Can Change The Way People Travel And Here’s How

A lot happened after the dreadful date of September 8, when Queen Elizabeth II died. The whole of Britain went quiet, and a lot of things are going to change. This was quite certain, considering Her Majesty’s reign spanned 70 years. And during this, a lot of significant events happened around the world. And the world survived a pandemic too. Queen Elizabeth’s death will influence Britain’s and its people’s lives a lot more than you think. The countries where the she reigned will have changes too. Here’s all you need to know –

Queen Of 15 Other Countries – Passports Will Change, Currencies Will Change, King Has Changed

Soon after Queen Elizabeth died, Britain had a new King, her son, Prince Charles. Now, the national anthem will have God Save The King instead of God Save The Queen. In addition, the face in the currency will change from the Queen’s face to King Charles III. So the stamps will longer have Queen’s face but King Charles III’s face on it. However, people will not have to worry, considering old currencies will still be valid – the ones with Queen Elizabeth’s face on it. The British passports will also change, which means the King will replace the Queen. However, the current passports for the people will still work and will be changed when it’s time for renewal.


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Surge In Tourists In The UK

CNN Travel reports that there might be a surge of tourists in the UK. As per reports, most of the hotels are totally occupied, and a last-minute visit to London might be a bit of a hassle for travellers and tourists. Even after the mourning period, there will be a flow of tourists into the country. People will definitely want to visit and travel to the country where Queen Elizabeth left behind a rich legacy. Tourists who are usually travelling to London are the ones who wish to witness this world event more closely.

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That’s a lot of changes! And this, in turn, will change the way people will travel.