Experience Drive-In Ramadan Food Festival At Dubai’s Safa Park

by Deeplata Garde
Experience Drive-In Ramadan Food Festival At Dubai’s Safa Park

Covid changed the facade of festival celebrations within the two years of its existence. With the retrieval of the pandemic, there’s cheerful anticipation to enjoy the festivals. Similarly, with Ramadan around the corner, UAE has announced certain guidelines to maintain. Iftar tents were not in action during pandemic owning to social distancing. But NCEMA finally gave a heads up to install the marquees during the holy month. Also, Dubai’s most Instagrammable food festival is taking place in Safa Park on May 8. The Ramadan festival will be open from 7 pm to 3 am daily which means you can also celebrate suhoor here. Do not miss Miami Vibes’ first drive-thru food festival on Al Wasl Road near Police Academy.

Installation Of Iftar Tents With Safety Guidelines

Celebration of any festival won’t be a problem until we maintain safety regulations provided by NCEMA. Go through the list to avoid any confusion.

  1. Basic social distancing and wearing a mask are mandatory.
  2. Install Open-air Iftar tents.
  3. Organisers should make provisions of disinfectant for the crowd.
  4. The use of disposable cutlery is crucial. Also, add disposable table covers to the list.
  5. To enter, you’ll need a green pass from the Al Hosn app.
  6. To set up a tent, you’ll need to get permission from the Emirates Red Crescent.
  7. The Local Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority will decide the occupancy level of the tents.


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Resumption Of Various Public Activities

COVID19 has hampered a lot of festive cheer for the past two years. Hence bouncing back to normalcy is making everyone excited. But at the same time, we need to maintain public health and safety. The nation is heading towards recovery, and we need to make efforts to push through.

Rather than serving iftar dishes in tents or mosques, humanitarian organisations brought iftar meals directly to individuals in need in 2020. To avert huge gatherings, the adjustment of iftar tents became essential. Large tents were frequently constructed close to mosques prior to the epidemic and often served meals to low-income employees. The UAE’s moon-sighting commission will determine the start date of Ramadan, expect it around April 2.