Russia To Ease Visa Process For Indians. So, Fulfil Your Travel Dreams To Russia!

russia visa
by Sanjana Shenoy

If Russia has been on your wishlist for long. Then we write, bearing good news. A visit to Russia’s iconic Red Square, Kaza Kremlin, the hilltop and museum complex and the gold-domed St. Issac’s Cathedral are all within reach. Didn’t get us? Well, Russia is simplifying its visa process for Indians. So, you can fulfil your travel dreams to Russia soon.

Russia To Smoothen Visa Process For “Friendly” Nations

According to a report by Financial Express, Evgeny Ivanov, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia revealed an upcoming change in visa process. Ivanov states that Russia shall ease its visa procedures for 6 countries including India. News agency Reuters also validated that apart from India, Russia will smoothen its visa procedures for Vietnam, Angola and the Philippines.

russia visa

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In February, Russia planned to introduce visa-free travel for citizens of 11 “friendly” countries. This list included Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Trinidad, Malaysia, Zambia, Haiti, Mexico and Barbados. Apart from this the country also stated that they are removing restrictions for the issuance of electronic visas. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia had an e-visa scheme, which it later revoked. So, the country is all set to re-introduce this as well.

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E-Visas May Be Re-Introduced

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov earlier revealed to the govt-news agency, TASS that electronic visas were approved by the nation three years ago. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the “unfriendly actions” of the West, the government stopped issuing e-visas. But now, friendly nations like India can expect easier processes to get visas to Russia, even e-visas.

Interestingly, Indians have shown keen interest to travel to Russia. From 2016 to 2019, Moscow witnessed Indian tourist traffic growing from, 61,000 to 1 lakh per year. In 2021 itself, the country recovered 40 per cent of its pre-pandemic level tourism. Even actress Taapsee Pannu travelled to Russia in the last few years for tourism.

So, is travelling to Russia on your wishlist this year? Which monuments and destinations would be part of your Russia itinerary? Do spill the beans in the comments section below.

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