World’s Coldest City In Russia Records -58°F. We Are Shivering Under The Blankets Seeing This

by Shreya Ghosh
World’s Coldest City In Russia Records -58°F. We Are Shivering Under The Blankets Seeing This

Boy oh boy, what are these chills? The winter season is hitting so hard this year with coldwave and unbearable shivers. Talking about India, all the states are experiencing chilling cold, be it East, West, North, or South. Only a few places are experiencing sub-zero temperatures and the situation is getting out of hand in these places. We can only imagine how hard it is for people living in the coldest city in the world. Do you know that Russia is home to the world’s coldest city?

This Is World’s Coldest City In Russia!

A Twitter user who goes by the username WOPR @kindt73 shared a screenshot of the temperature in Yakutsk in Russia. We have had our fair share of shiverings after taking a look at the screenshot. You can check it out here.

Such negative temperatures may seem very unusual to us but it is nothing new for people living in this city in Russia. Known as the coldest place in the world, Yakutsk often experiences mercury taking a dip below -40 degrees. But temperature exceeding -50°F is something not very common here. This city in Russia saw the winter season having record-breaking -58°F this year and the situation is simply indescribable.

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The cold is getting out of hand leading to the bursting of batteries and pipes and things are getting frozen up.

Residents Are Layering Up As Much As Possible

There are simply no easy hacks or tips to deal with the unbearable cold in Yakutsk. There is just one simple solution and it is to wear warm clothes and cover every part of the body to save themselves from the shivering chills. All the people living in this city in Russia are covering themselves in many warm layers and protecting themselves to fight against the intense weather. If someone does not dress properly and keep themselves warm, they have no option but to suffer the frozen cold.

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Have you ever lived in a place that is so intensely cold? If yes, how were your experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter/ WOPR (@kindt73)