Saudi Arabia Starts A One Of A Kind Luxury Cruise To Red Sea & It’s Worth Taking

saudi arabia cruise
by Drishti

All aboard? Let’s begin! The enchanting Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is full of cultural and natural splendour. Some of its popular destinations like Jeddah and Madina sit heartily in our bucket lists. But, the country also offers some stunning off-beat spots. A few of these fall on the gorgeous coastline of the Red Sea. And what better way to explore these unchartered territories than cruising through the blues? Well, that’s when the Red Sea Spirit’s luxury cruise sails in!

Saudi Arabia’s Cruise Lets You Explore Its Idyllic Coastline

Spirited travellers, ahoy! You can now explore the stunning coastline of Saudi Arabia aboard a spectacular, ultra-luxurious cruise. Red Sea Spirit has launched its first leisure cruise, which offers the best of adventure, travel and luxury. Silver Spirit is all set to take you across the blues of the Red Sea. What’s more? You can experience best of complimentary, world-class onboard services! You can relish local Saudi dishes, gorge on international cuisines, go kayaking and snorkelling, or simply relax at a spa.

saudi arabia cruise

Picture Credits: Visit Saudi/Twitter

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The Silver Spirit 3-Night Cruise Itinerary

The Silver Spirit’s 3-night itinerary is just perfect for unwinding. The luxury cruise starts its voyage from King Abdullah Port in the Economic City (KAEC). Traversing through the waters of the Red Sea, it reaches Al Ras Alabyad, an exquisite destination on Saudi Arabia’s coastline. It then sails back to KAEC. The itinerary includes a lot of fun games, live shows and performances, parties and fine dining experiences. Red Sea Spirit’s 3-night cruise package begins at ₹1,40,746 per person on a twin-sharing basis.

saudi arabia cruise

Picture Credits: Red Sea Spirit/Facebook

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The Silver Spirit 4-Night Cruise Itinerary

Red Sea Spirit’s 4-night cruise lets you explore Saudi Arabia’s hidden coastal gems while indulging in sheer luxury. The Silver Spirit starts sailing from KAEC, and first touches Al Ras Alabyad. Then, it takes guests to the private retreats of the gorgeous Sindalah Island. From Sindalah, it turns around for KAEC. You can laze around on your deck, and go shopping or golfing on the cruise. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can head out to explore the charming destinations in the itinerary. The 4-night cruise package begins at ₹ 2,04,913 per person on a twin-sharing basis.

saudi arabia cruise

Picture Credits: Red Sea Spirit/Facebook

Silver Spirit Begins Its Maiden Voyage

Residents of Saudi Arabia can now book their stay aboard the ultra-luxurious cruise, Silver Spirit. The first 3-night cruise started its voyage on August 27, and the 4-night cruise will set sail on August 30. This stunning vessel will sail through the azure waters of the Red Sea in September and October too, for both the itineraries! Also, keeping up with these trying times, Red Sea Spirit is ensuring that every safety measure is in place. Which is why, this extraordinary experience is something not worth missing!

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The pandemic is making us miss cruising on our home waters. And while it’s difficult to travel now, we’re surely busy making our bucket lists longer and waiting for cruises in India to resume. Till then, check out this luxury cruise from Mumbai to Goa.