This Hanging Hotel In Peru Lets You Stay Suspended From A Cliff 1,200 Ft Above The Ground

by Natasha Monteiro
This Hanging Hotel In Peru Lets You Stay Suspended From A Cliff 1,200 Ft Above The Ground

Imagine living in three transparent pods clinging to the side of a 400ft cliff in Peru and the only way to reach them is to scale a sheer rock face. The sacred valleys of Peru offer the most mesmerizing views in the world and Natura Vive Skylodge is offering you a chance to spend your time looking over this gorgeous landscape – quite literally. The only catch is you’ve got to scale a 400-foot cliff face to get there. If you’re brave enough (adrenaline junky alert!) to survive the night in one of these dangling pods then the rewards are well worth it. You get to soak in the mystical 300-degree views, whilst dangling over the Sacred Valley of Cusco.

skylodge bedAn Adventurous Stay Inside A Hanging Glass Pod

The Natura Vive Skylodge offers three luxury capsule suites that can house up to eight people. The capsules are made of weather-resistant polycarbonate and aerospace aluminium and are nothing short of luxury. Each pod comes furnished with a dining area, four beds and a private bathroom. The night views are especially spectacular. You get to sleep under a million stars and it is indeed the experience of a lifetime. Also, know about 12 best luxury hotels in the world to live life king size.

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The Package Is Inclusive Of Gourmet Breakfast And Dinner

The 200 pounds per night lodge comes inclusive of breakfast and a gourmet dinner with wine. You even have an option to zip-line all the way back to the ground. There is safety equipment that is permanently installed on the path so it gives people with no experience in climbing an opportunity to try it out while simultaneously enjoying the most astounding views. The approximate cost is ₹17,000 per night, including dinner and breakfast. The pods are located at Valle Sagrado, Cuzco, 10 minutes from Ollantaytambo, Cusco. Peru.

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How To Get There?

Natura Vive Skylodge is located in Peru. You can go along the Via Ferrata route – a bridge suspended approx 600 feet above the Cusco valley. Once you’ve navigated the bridge, you have to climb up a series of iron bars that are drilled into the rock face. It is perfectly safe even for children to try this route. Another option is an intrepid path toward the ziplines.

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