South Delhi Parks To Serve Fruits, Milk & Bread At Eco-Friendly Kiosks

by Suchismita Pal
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You’ll soon be able to grab fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and bread while going for a morning or an evening walk in a park in South Delhi. The standing committee of the South MCD has passed a proposal to launch small shops and kiosks in South Delhi parks for selling fruits, milk and bread. There are around 6400 parks in South Delhi. The vendors will have a fixed time in the morning and evening to sell the necessary food items. Also, the construction of the kiosks will take place with eco-friendly material and the vendors will receive a space of 4.5×2.5 metres. Read on to know more.

South Delhi Parks

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Eco-Friendly Kiosks Selling Daily-Use Items To Come Up At South Delhi Parks Soon

Eco-friendly kiosks will soon come up in the premises of around 6400 South Delhi parks, where vendors will be able to sell fruits, vegetables, milk and bread. The kiosks will be temporary and the vendors will receive a space of 4.5×2.5 metres. Reportedly, a fixed time will be assigned to the vendors in the morning and evening for selling the products.

South Delhi Parks

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According to The Indian Express report, Narendra Chawla, leader of the house, South MCD, has said, “The idea is that people going for a walk, or joggers, can purchase things like dairy products, confectionery and daily-use items such as milk and vegetables. It would not be a kirana store but will sell basic things.” Another senior official has stated, “This will also help in times of Covid and people who do not want to travel unnecessarily can collect their vegetables and fruits when they come for exercise.” Delhi also recently got its first automated tower parking site at Green Park.

South Delhi Parks

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Vendors To Acquire The Kiosks Through Bidding

A South Delhi News report has stated that after the passing of the proposal, the authorities are planning to launch kiosks in mostly the big parks in the first phase. The corporation will provide the design of the kiosks. In the central and south zones, the minimum space reserve price will be ₹8600/month and in the west and Najafgarh zones, the starting price will be ₹7000/month for a maximum period of seven years. Vendors will be able to acquire the spaces in the form of bidding. The winning bidder needs to pay the advanced licence fee for three months and also deposit an equal amount for security. Vendors failing to pay the amount will have to face 12 percent interest surcharge and termination after three months. Meanwhile, here’s how to get the perfect adrenaline rush at Rohtak, near Delhi:


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