Stay Inside Cottages Overlooking Lake Chilika At ₹3000 P/N. It’s Your One-Way Ticket To Chillville!

by Tooba Shaikh
Stay Inside Cottages Overlooking Lake Chilika At ₹3000 P/N. It’s Your One-Way Ticket To Chillville!

If you’re asking for a sign to just leave everything and go on a vacation, this is it. Let us introduce you to this green and serene getaway that sits right next to lake Chilika. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a lakeside cottage, Geo Eco Resort in Satpada will make your wish come true. A haven for nature lovers, this resort is encompassed in a quietude so tranquil and peaceful that you will never want to leave this place.

Geo Eco Resort In Chilika Lake

chilika lake
Credits: Geo Eco Resort/ Website

Lake Chilika is known for its rich biodiversity. If you’re a nature enthusiast who would love to explore the lake, this resort is the ideal place for you. It overlooks the point where the Bay of Bengal merges with the lake. There are a number of cottages to choose from, all of which are double occupancy.

The resort also has different types of packages so you can pick one that suits your needs the best. There are one-day, two-day, and three-day packages that range anywhere from ₹3000 to ₹4500. The rooms are comfortably furnished and have all the amenities that are required. The interiors give you that home-like feel so that you don’t feel alienated by the surroundings.

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Fun Activities To Do Around The Resort

chilika lake
Credits: Geo Eco Resort/Website

Ideal for adventure-seekers, this place has lots of activities. If you like bird-watching, you can go to Nalabana Island which is a bird sanctuary and is known as a paradise for bird-watchers. You can also go to the famous dolphin point at Satpada. Hop on a boat and sail to the point where you can see dolphins. Who doesn’t want to pet these adorable sea dogs?

If you’re spiritual or simply like visiting temples, you can also visit two of the most famous temples, the Kalijai Temple and the Alarnath Temple. Both temples are architectural marvels and a must-visit for anyone who loves cultural places. Head to Geo Eco Resorts for an inexpensive stay engulfed in nature!

Where: Baghmunda, Satpada

Check-in Time: 10:00 AM

Cost: ₹3000 onwards per night

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Cover Image Credits: Geo Eco Resort/Website