Study Finds That Mumbaikars Spend More Time In Traffic Jams Than Any Other City In The World

by Angel Srivastava
Study Finds That Mumbaikars Spend More Time In Traffic Jams Than Any Other City In The World

Every one knows how bad Mumbai’s traffic is. Mumbaikars are always complaining about how hours of their day gets wasted because of being stuck in traffic. While some of you might think they are over reacting, it has been proven by a study, that Mumbaikars waste more time stuck in traffic jams, than people from any other city in the WORLD!

Image Credits: DNA

What Is It?

According to a recent global study based on a statistical analysis of the GPS, it has been proven that Mumbaikars face the worst traffic jams in the entire world.  It has proven that the people in Mumbai spend 65% more time on the roads during peak hours, than they do when the roads are empty.

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Image Credits: DNA

The city left behind other cities like Bogota, Lima, and Delhi on it’s Tom Tom Traffic Index 2018 becoming the country facing the highest traffic in the world. In comparison, New Yorkers spend only 36% of their time on roads during peak hours.

What’s More?

Experts suggest that this situation is only going to get worse once the monsoon completely hits the city. The problem also arises when a particular stretch of the road is shut down for public use.

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Traffic officials suggest that if they do so, they should have an alternative route open which should be open enough to bear all the extra traffic. These roads should be cleared of parked vehicles, encroachment, and construction debris. They should also consult the traffic police before shutting down any route.

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In most of the cases, the traffic police is informed after the decision is taken by the BMC which then causes a lot of problem and confusion for the citizens.

It has been a long time since the city has been facing this crisis. So far there has been no solid development. If you think you have a suggestion that can help change things, then do let us know.