6 Stunning Places To Explore In Spiti Valley That Will Blow Your Mind

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Stunning Places To Explore In Spiti Valley That Will Blow Your Mind

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful blend of Indian and Tibetan culture. Endowed with snowcapped peaks, Buddhist monasteries, crystal blue lakes and charming villages, this is a quintessential Himalayan beauty. The cold desert mountain valley was actually forbidden to travellers for nearly 30 years. So, yes it’s no doubt an out worldly land, that hypnotises every traveller with its stellar beauty. To create a pocketful of glorious memories, here are 6 places in Spiti Valley you must explore.

1. La Darcha

Nested near Chicham, La Darcha is a crucial point for traders who venture from the hills. Since time immemorial it operated on barter system, the exchange of goods- not money. To date, it’s common to witness people exchanging yaks and horses in Spiti.  La Darcha is also well known for the La Darcha Fair. From exotic artefacts, awe-inspiring antiques, beautiful jewellery, handicrafts to delicious Tibetan dishes, you’d have a gala time at La Darcha.

places to visit in spiti
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2. Sopona Lake

Formed due to glacial melts, Sopona is a seasonal lake that lies on the border between Spiti, Lahaul and Kinnaur districts. Perched at a height of 21,631 feet it offers stunning views of the Spiti Valley and the gorgeous Manirang range. It was also one of the early trade routes between Spiti and Kinnaur. Visit here during summers to witness its ethereal beauty. And if these reasons don’t convince you, then you can even spot snow leopards here occasionally.

places to visit in spiti
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3. World’s Highest Motorable Village- Komic

When you’re in Spiti Valley, don’t forget to witness the world’s highest motorable village, Komic. This village is located at a height of around 15,027 feet above sea level. Komic village houses ancient fossils and monasteries at its entrance. It also has small hills that are best for hiking. Komic is a serene, tranquil village that offers gorgeous views. The world’s highest motorable village also achieved 100 per cent vaccination rate against Covid-19. 

4. Giu Village

Gui village is famous for housing a shrine that has a 500-year-old mummy. According to popular legends, this mummy belongs to a meditating Lama. The body of the mummy has been well preserved without the use of any chemicals. Its teeth, nails and hair remains intact, just like a living person, and makes this place a more mysterious experience. The small village nestled between the towns of Tabo and Sumdo can be visited via a steep 8km drive on a road that can be reached via NH-22.

places to visit in spiti
Picture Credits: Aarya’s Abode/ Youtube

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5. Chandratal Lake

One of the most famous sightseeing spots of Himachal Pradesh, Chandratal lake is situated at 4300m in the lap of the Himalayas. The crescent-shaped lake is believed to be the place where Indra, the King Of Gods, brought down his royal chariot to transport Yudhishthira the eldest of the Pandavas to Swarga. Locals believe that Chandratal lake is divine and it’s visited by fairies every night. The incredible views and crystal blue waters of this lake give it a mystical aura.

places to visit in spiti

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6. Pangmo

Pangmo is a charming little village in Spiti Valley. It’s situated 27 km from Kaza on the way to Manali. Home to 28 families, Pangmo is one of the most hospitable places in Himachal Pradesh. This hidden destination is surrounded by snowcapped peaks and boasts of spectacular views of the Spiti valley and river. It also has a local nunnery where you can also step in for a hot cup of tea and unending conversations about life and everything else.

So travel enthusiasts, these were some of the best places in Spiti Valley you must visit with your loved ones.  Do let us know if there are any more gorgeous places you’ve visited in Spiti Valley.