The World’s Highest Village In Himachal Pradesh Vaccinated 100 Percent Of Citizens Above 44 Years

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 921

While some of the world’s most developed countries and those having the largest populations, continue to grapple with the tragic coronavirus pandemic, smaller villagers, cities and countries have curbed the spread of the virus successfully. Chikhalar village in Madhya Pradesh has not recorded a single case of Covid, thanks to the women guarding the borders with sticks. Bhutan vaccinated over 93 per cent of its population in less than 16 days. Another triumphant win is the world’s highest village, Komic situated in Himachal Pradesh. Komic vaccinated 100 per cent of its population over the age group of 44 years. And that’s truly commendable. Here’s how Komic has become a model village for every state of the nation.

Komic Village In Himachal Pradesh Achieves 100 Percent Covid Vaccination For Locals Above 44 Years

According to a Hindustan Times report, Komic, the world’s highest village nestled in the remote Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh has achieved 100 per cent Covid vaccination for locals above the age of 44 years. Perched 15,500 feet high, the residents of Komic village have strictly adhered to govt guidelines to protect themselves and their loved ones from Covid. People only walk out of their homes for farming. The villagers of Komic were keen to get vaccinated. And a majority of the locals quickly took their doses even before the second lethal wave swept the nation.

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Low Internet Connectivity Proved A Challenge For Online Vaccine Registration

Komic is home to the highest motorable road at Hikkim. This is situated 14,400 feet above and also has the world’s highest post office. It’s definitely an incredible feat to vaccinate 100 per cent of its population nestled in such high terrains. The health department team includes vaccinator Prem Singh, ASHA worker Padma and verifier Kulwant Singh. 101 people were vaccinated in the age group of above 60 years. In the age group of 44-50 years, 150 residents received both doses of the Covid vaccine. Padma revealed to Hindustan Times that after the seniors received their vaccines, the youngsters of Komic are very enthusiastic about getting vaccinated. One of the challenges faced by the team during vaccination is the registration on the Co-Win portal due to low internet connectivity in the world’s highest village.

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Komic Village Opened Offline Registration For Vaccines; Youngsters Ready For Vaccines After Seniors

Fortunately, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur has permitted offline registration for the vaccination in Komic. Lahaul and Spiti deputy commissioner Pankaj Rai revealed that now, 80 per cent of the vaccination registration is done offline. Residence ring up the health department and their slot gets booked based on a lottery. The remaining 20 per cent of registration happens online. Padma informed Hindustan Times that people have no hesitation in getting vaccinated as they all want to be protected from the virus amid a limited health infrastructure situation. What Komic has been able to do despite challenges is truly commendable. It serves as a model village to other districts adopting various vaccination programs. Meanwhile post-pandemic, here are some places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. 

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