Summer Isn’t Over Yet, UK Likely To Be Hotter Than California This Week

by Shreya Rathod
Summer Isn’t Over Yet, UK Likely To Be Hotter Than California This Week

After witnessing one of the heaviest rainfall, the United Kingdom is finally experiencing summer! The months of June, July and August are supposed to be the warmest for the Brits. However, this year, there were some extremely wet days. Forecasters are predicting a warm and bright day on Wednesday before temperatures rise to 32°C in the next few days, suggesting that summer may have finally arrived in the UK.

UK Summer Has Finally Arrived!

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The southeast is anticipated to be the warmest region of England on Monday, according to forecasters. In fact, several sections of England will be seeing scorching highs by next week. It follows a summer dominated by thunderstorms and torrential rain across the country known as “washout weather.”

The southern half of the UK is expected to experience mid-20s temperatures on Wednesday. Additionally, the Met Office predicts that the warmer weather will peak on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, temperatures may possibly exceed 30°C in certain places.

Throughout much of the week, a “general warming trend” is anticipated, according to Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris. He continued by stating that while some southern areas are already likely to reach the mid-20s by Wednesday, the warmer weather won’t become more widespread until Thursday.

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After a very humid night in the South East overnight into Saturday, a frontal system moving into the West and South West later on Friday, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms, does provide some complexity.

Some Areas To Be Hotter Than California

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It would imply that some areas of the UK would be hotter than California, where highs are only predicted to reach 26°C. However, any heat is likely to be fleeting, according to Met Office forecaster Dan Stroud, as low pressure is likely to sweep back in, making next weekend even more unpredictable.

As per the weather forecast, early morning fog quickly dissipated, revealing a pleasant day with plenty of bright intervals. The skies will occasionally be cloudier, though, across Scotland and the northeast of England. There may be a few light showers, primarily in the northeast.

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And at night, it will continue to be dry with numerous clear spells. Scotland is experiencing the development of some low clouds, and there may be some patches of fog elsewhere.

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