Swapnagandha Is A Hidden Gem Near Goa With A Gorgeous Infinity Pool Overlooking A Waterfall

by Suchismita Pal
Swapnagandha Is A Hidden Gem Near Goa With A Gorgeous Infinity Pool Overlooking A Waterfall

Around 1.5 hours away from Goa, in the misty forests, lie dreamy A-shaped eco-cottages surrounded by the lush green peaks of Western Ghats. Known as the Swapnagandha, the property has one of the largest infinity pools in India that overlooks the bobbing Vazra Sakla waterfall. Life at this eco-retreat is extraordinary, arrested in the symphony of the chirrups of forest birds. A bridge cutting through the woods will take you to the eight waterfall facing cottages of Swapnagandha. It is the perfect haven where you can wash your eyes with the charm of green!

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Take A Tour To The Clouds Through The Lush Forests

If you’re on the quest for the calmest staycations near Goa or Maharashtra to take in the maximum of nature, your search can end at Swapnagandha. The hidden resort will take you on a tour to the clouds through the lush forests. You can choose to simply take a halt at one of the eco-cottages here and do nothing. Or for a more adventurous experience, you can go on waterfall hiking and sunset trails from the resort. While taking a stroll through the forests, you might even spot some rare and beautiful birds, animals and reptiles. On one side of the resort lies the 143-meter tall Vazra Sakla waterfall, and on the other side rests the Anjunem backwaters. If this isn’t called paradise then what else is?

Relish Authentic Goan Food Served With Kokum

At Swapnagandha, you can not only immerse yourself in the unbeaten nature but can also relish authentic Goan cuisine served with delicious kokum. Like the cottages, the eatery at the resort also opens up to striking scenic views. You can also take sips of refreshing tea and coffee variants here. The best bit is, the property abides by sustainability and does not use any plastic bottles. It is one of the most photogenic locations near Goa that can promise a surreal experience.

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They say that some beautiful places cannot be discovered without getting lost, and Swapnagandha is the perfect example of it. To book your stay, visit the resort website right away. On that note, here are 10 Offbeat Things To Do In Goa Beyond Beaches, Parties & Booze.