Tambola, Antakshari & Kirtan: This Is How Delhiites Are Socialising From Their Balconies During Lockdown

by Tonakshi Kalra
Tambola, Antakshari & Kirtan: This Is How Delhiites Are Socialising From Their Balconies During Lockdown

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. We take you around the world from the comfort of your home. #SpreadPositivity #ArmchairTravel

With 1347 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 32 deaths, India continues to grapple with the spread of novel coronavirus. Hence, most of the impacted nations worldwide have gone under complete lockdown, asking the citizens to self-quarantine themselves to put a pause on the infectious cycle of COVID-19. After the PM Modi extended the lockdown for 21 days, people are going restless at their homes since being cooped up at home isn’t exactly an easy task. Whether you are a homemaker or working from home, there are chances that you might feel down and out during certain parts of the day. But Delhi loves its social life. The global virus couldn’t stop them from socialising. These are things that Delhiites indulging in during a nationwide lockdown.

Playing Tambola


















Due to COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is staying indoors. People are asked to maintain social distance as much as possible. So Delhiites found different ways to socialise i.e. socialising from their house balconies. Yes, during the lockdown, people of many colonies or residential areas are seen playing tambola among themselves. Tambola, also called ‘Housie’ is a bingo game in which as many people can take part at a time. This game is usually played in family gatherings or small events where everyone gets a chit having few number in three rows and they have to cut the numbers on their call. Now, you must be thinking that if people are playing tambola from their respective balconies, how do they manage to give winning amount to the winners. Don’t worry, now India has become fully digital. Most of us have digital apps on our phones like PayTm, GooglePay, PayPal and many more. That’s how people are crediting the winning amount to the winners. You just have announce the numbers very loudly so that everyone can hear it from their houses. That’s all. Isn’t that exciting?

Chanting During Navratras

#कोरोना_पे_है_भारी_जय_माता_दीLockdown में ना नियम तोड़ा और जमकर नाचे भी लोग।। माता रानी के दूसरे नवरात्रि के उपलक्ष्य में एक सुन्दर प्रस्तुति…. ?

देशगाथा समाचार पत्र यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २६ मार्च, २०२०

Navratri, the 9-days Hindu festival is going on these days which started on 25th March and would end on April 2nd, 2020. From observing fasts to worshipping nine forms of the Goddess, Hindus around the world celebrate this festival. But due to the lockdown, a lot of things are restricted, therefore, people have started chanting bhentein of the Goddess from their balconies. And surprisingly, a lot of people from the neighbourhood take part in the session. Some chant the bhentein themselves and some play them loud on the speakers every evening. People believe that it spreads positivity around in these tough times and it’s their way of remembering and worshipping the Goddess. We must say that the aura during chanting becomes cheerful and it’s a good way to spread happiness around.

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Doing Sukhmani Sahib Paath

Everyone is worshipping the lord they have faith in. On one hand, many hindus are chanting during navratras while on the other hand, Sikh community or punjabis in Delhi are observing Sukhmani Sahib Paath from their balconies every day. Sukhmani Sahib is usually translated to mean Prayer of Peace and joy of mind. It is a set of 192 padas (stanzas of 10 hymns) present in the holy Guru Granth Sahib. Sukhmani Sahib is frequently recited by Sikhs is one of the popular Banis which can be done individually or as a group usually in either a place of worship (Gurudwara) or at home. Since people are not allowed to go out of their houses and also the worship places are closed at this time, people have started reciting the entire Sukhmani Sahib from their balconies. It’s believed to bring peace and tranquility to one’s mind and aid help remembering God constantly.

Youngsters Playing Antakshari

Sitting at home the entire day is not an easy task specially for kids and youngsters. They have a habit of going out every day, chilling with friends etc. Since they can’t go out now, many have started indulging in games and activities for entertainment purpose while keeping the social distancing in mind. Many youngsters and even ladies are seen playing a musical game called ‘Antakshari’ and even ‘Dumb Charades’ from their houses. Giggling with friends, singing songs and dancing on it is what they look forward every day. Many societies in Delhi are participating in such entertainment activities in the evening.

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Coming Together For Prayers/Kirtan

While many of the millennials are keeping themselves stuck to their screens and watching online series and movies, there are women who are leaving no chance to socialise with their neighbours. Many videos are going viral over WhatsApp and Facebook where women along with family members are doing prayers and kirtans sitting in their balconies. They are fully supported and encouraged by their neighbours. Not only these people are singing the bhajans, but also playing different musical instruments like dholak, tabla etc. That’s how they are spreading happiness around. They sing, play and dance in their balconies.

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The things that are happening right now in terms of socialising wouldn’t have been an everyday scenario in the busy hustle bustle of the Delhi life. It is only possible because people are forced to stay indoors as a part of the 21-day lockdown. They are now finding creative ways to spend their time and socialise!