Tamil Nadu Man Makes Masks Worth ₹2.75 Lakh Using Gold Threads

by Drishti
Tamil Nadu Man Makes Masks Worth ₹2.75 Lakh Using Gold Threads

The pandemic has brought everyone to adapt to the situation, and some are doing so in unique ways. After stories about a Madurai restaurant making parotta masks surfaced, the internet is now abuzz with stories of a goldsmith in Coimbatore. Radhakrishnan Sundaram Acharya has been making masks using gold and silver threads. The gold masks are priced at ₹2.75 lakh, while the silver masks cost ₹15,000.

Special Masks Used To Create Awareness About Their Importance

The Coimbatore-based goldsmith said that the purpose of designing these masks is to bring out the importance of wearing them. He told news agency ANI, “I’m aware that a common man cannot afford to wear these masks, but rich people can use them for royal weddings.” Meanwhile, the government is also tightening up rules to urge people to wear masks when they step out. State governments are levying hefty fines for violating lockdown norms.

Picture Credits: ANI

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The unique gold masks are made from 18-karat gold, and it takes up to seven days to prepare each of these masks. They are woven with 0.06 mm thin threads of gold and silver. Acharya has received nine orders so far, he revealed to ANI.

Gold Masks Spotted In Other Parts Of India

Shankar Kurhade, a Pune-based businessman reportedly wore a customised gold mask earlier this month. It’s said to be priced at ₹2.89 lakh. Another businessman, Alok Mohanty from Cuttack, Odisha ordered a gold mask with elastic straps from Mumbai. The mask, which was designed in 22 days costs about ₹3.5 lakh, according to Livemint. Jewellers across the country are stepping up their business skills by incorporating materials like gold, silver, and diamonds in face masks.

Picture Credits: ANI

Face Masks Spark Fashion Trends

Many people are believing that with face masks becoming the ‘new normal’, they have also turned into a bankable fashion trend. Design innovations can be seen in masks made by recycling plastic from oceans, as well as the khadi ones. A Bhopal-based vendor has come up with Narendra Modi-inspired face masks too, that feature the PM’s nose and lips. However, the gold mask definitely stands out with its intricate design and look.

Picture Credits: Twitter

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As the pandemic continues, one can only wonder about other fashion innovations that are in store for people. Till then, keep watching this space for more quirky face mask trends.