Mask Violators In Uttar Pradesh To Write ‘Mask Lagaana Hai’ 500 Times

by Suchismita Pal
Mask Violators In Uttar Pradesh To Write ‘Mask Lagaana Hai’ 500 Times

A few months before, foreigners in Rishikesh had to write ‘Sorry’ 500 times for violating lockdown rules. Now, the district administration of Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh has come up with a similar kind of punishment. The administration, along with the cops have decided that people not wearing masks will have to write 500 times – “mask lagaana hai ( mask has to be worn)”. This old-school method isn’t harsh, but embarrassing enough to teach the mask violators a lesson amid the pandemic. Read on to know the details.

Mask Violators To Write ‘Mask Lagaana Hai’ 500 Times In Uttar Pradesh

The class named the ‘mask ki class’ will have a police official, an official of the district administration and a doctor. As per PTI reports, Senior Superintendent of Police Sachindra Patel said that lessons will be imparted to those people who are moving out without a mask. These people will not face any police action but will have to sit in the class for 3-4 hours. In the class, the teachers will first show a video making the violators understand the necessity of wearing face masks. Then they will have to keep writing ‘mask lagaana hai’ until they reach the 500th count. The SSP has notified that the campaign will start from Tilak Inter College.

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Some Other Bizzare Penalties By The Indian Cops

In Bilaspur, cops on the streets were shaming the violators with a literal aarti with tikka, flowers and diya, to prevent them from stepping out. Jaipur police had come up with the idea of confining lockdown violators to a room and play Masakkali 2.0 on loop. Also, Chandigarh biker was made to clean the road for spitting. Mohali police had launched a new app to monitor people in the quarantined areas through selfies. The residents were told not to turn off their phones or deactivate the GPS. The cops had informed that strict actions would be taken against all those who did not follow these rules.

Mask Violators In Uttar Pradesh
Picture Credits: MetroSaga

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