The Ancient Red Rose City In Jordan Was Carved Not Built!

by Vidisha Khaitan
The Ancient Red Rose City In Jordan Was Carved Not Built!

Indiana Jones’ Last Crusade is still as thrilling as it was in 1989. The star set was none other than a wonder of the world, Petra. While all the information in the film was fictional, the beauty was very real. An entire city is carved into red, white, pink, and sandstone cliff faces. This place really shows the genius architecture and engineering of ancient times. It’s carved not built. The Red Rose City is between the Dead Sea and Red Sea, in the Jordan’s Ma’an governorate. The Arab country, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has desert canyons and red sandstone mountains in the southern part.  

What Is It 

A nomadic tribe Nabataeans established Petra as their capital in around 6th century BC. It went on to become a hub for trade and commerce. In 1985, the Petra Archaeological Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2007, it was voted a wonder of the world by 100 million people. Today, the city is an experience of a lifetime for anyone who dares. 

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How To Get There 

The 250-acre site a 2-3-hour drive from Jordan’s capital Amman. Its main entrance is a dim and narrow gorge called The Siq. It’s approximately 1.2 km long with 80-meter-high curvy cliff faces on either side. The end looks like long vertical ray of sunshine. The star of the show is Al-Khazneh or the Treasury. No treasure was found there but, the name survived. The two-storey structure is 40 meters high, 28 meters wide with six columns in the façade. Statues of Greek god Zeus’ sons, the horsemen adorn the façade. Did you know There Is A 140ft Long Ladder Hanging At 2,296 Feet Between 2 Mountains In Austria!

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The Red Rose City or Petra is massive and expansive. The more time you spend there, the more caves, ruins and secrets you’ll find. Secrets in the form of questions, not answers. Red rose limestone just makes the ruins more tragic.  

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