“The Legend” S. Sreesanth Spilled Some Beans About His Life As A Cricketer And Beyond!

by Mallika Khurana
“The Legend” S. Sreesanth Spilled Some Beans About His Life As A Cricketer And Beyond!

In India, cricket matches are considered to be nothing short of a festival. Consequently, the fan following for cricket players is amazingly unmatched. One of the most popular Indian cricketers is S. Sreesanth. Now retired, he was an integral part of the Indian cricket team, especially around the 2007 World Cup win. Truly a legend, he is also a part of the Legend’s League Cricket. On this episode of The Legends, S. Sreesanth joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to let us in on his journey from being a part of the Indian cricket team to now participating in The Legend’s League Cricket in Qatar.

Sreesanth Talked About His Love For Food

Shanthakumaran Nair Sreesanth is a spirited player who hails from Kerala. Typically known for his immense talent, competitive spirit, and aggression on the field, we were curious to know if the Legend’s League would witness a similar enthusiasm. He revealed that when it comes to playing a sport, he is always competitive. Even when he plays with his kids, he gives it his best and doesn’t lose. He wants them to accept winning and losing as parts of life and yet strive to always improve.

Speaking about his food preferences, S. Sreesanth revealed that he is someone who always likes to experiment. Especially while he travels, he doesn’t go around looking for Malayali food but rather is keen on trying new dishes. However, no matter where he is in the world, nothing beats the food made by his Amma. Experience and experimentation apart, home cooked meals are his favourites.

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We Played A Game With The Legend

Sreesanth Sunday Brunch
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When in conversation with S. Sreesanth, how could we forget about the days we watched him play and the drama he brought to the field? His expressions and reactions were something everyone looked forward to. He shared that he is still the same person and isn’t afraid to show his true emotions.

To add some fun to the conversation, we played an interesting game with him where we asked him some questions about his fellow cricketers. First, we asked him who among them was most scared of his wife. He shared that all of them are, and it is not really fear but respect. Next, we asked him who was the biggest foodie. To that, he replied that Suresh Raina is the biggest foodie, and he also owns two restaurants in Delhi and one in Amsterdam.

The episode was followed by a few more fun questions and ended with S. Sreesanth mimicking Yuvraj Singh. Needless to say, it was an amazing chat, and you must go watch it all right away!

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