The Mysterious Black Panther Of MP’s Pench Spotted For The First Time In Year-And-A-Half!

An enigmatic black panther was recently spotted at the Pench Tiger Reserve.

by Shreya Ghosh
The Mysterious Black Panther Of MP’s Pench Spotted For The First Time In Year-And-A-Half!

It was a delightful experience for the forest officials working at the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. Just a couple of days back, they were quite surprised to witness a black panther sitting in the middle of the jungle surrounded by verdant greenery. It was quite a rare sight for everyone who got to get a glimpse of the beast on the spot.

Black Panther Spotted At Pench Tiger Reserve

Taking to X, Pench Tiger Reserve (@PenchMP) shared a picture of the wild animal seen recently.

It was an absolutely rare experience for the people present at the spot inside the Pench Tiger Reserve. It has been over a year since forest officials saw a black panther roaming or just doing anything of their wish in the jungle. And finally, after a long long wait, the officials were lucky enough and successful in catching this VERY infrequent sight. They also shot a glimpse of the mysterious wild animal amidst the lush jungle.

It was on March 19 when the forest officials got to witness the sneak peeks of the black panther at the Pench Tiger Reserve. This spotting was not the first time when officials caught glimpses of the mysterious animal roaming inside the wildlife reserve. But getting to see a black panther from so close was definitely after a long time.

Everyone is well aware of this animal staying in the Pench Tiger Reserve but only a few had the golden opportunity to see and document it. The recent spotting of the ‘Ghost of the Jungle’ at this reserve took place after almost one and a half years. Yes, you read that right. Even after living in the reserve, the sightings are uncommon.

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Sharing the picture of the recently spotted black panther on the X platform, Pench Tiger Reserve wrote, “After a long wait, the mythical black panther graced us with its presence, refreshing our favourite memories of Jungle Book’s Bagheera, and reinvigorating our bond with the environment”.

After So Many Months….

Black Panther Pench
Picture credit- Canva
Image for representation

After August 2022, March 19 was the first time spotting the black panther at the Pench Tiger Reserve. It has been a long wait of almost one and a half hours since the forest officials captured the ethereal beauty of this animal. From the year 2020, this recent spotting was the third time of seeing a black panther, according to a report by IndiaTimes.

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Have you ever seen a black panther before?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Pench Tiger Reserve (@PenchMP) 

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