This Blue Java Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice-Cream Is Breaking The Internet

by Tushal Kukreja

Want to do protein and ice cream together? Then this banana is the perfect way of doing it. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that a fruit could actually taste like ice cream? But nature has its own ways of doing things. Blue Java banana, known as ice cream banana or Hawaiian banana, actually tastes like vanilla ice cream and it is the best gift that mother nature has given to mankind. These bluish-green skinned bananas are giving our average Cavendish bananas a run for their money, because who wouldn’t choose ice cream bananas for their protein smoothies.

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The Java Bananas Are Cultivated In Hawaii

These bad boys are cultivated in Hawaii as well as parts of Southeast Asia and Central America and boy oh boy! do we not feel like going to Hawaii all the more? When ripen these bananas happen to offer a fluffier, creamier texture than your average supermarket bananas. Grown in Hawaii since the early 1920s, ice cream bananas don’t contain artificial sweeteners, flavors or additives. However, the funny part is that these aren’t even the sweetest variety in Hawaii. Imagine the desserts you can make from this variety of fruit. This delicious fruit is just one flight away from you !

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