These 8 ‘Hot’ Spots In Delhi Are Perfect To Make The Most Of Sunny Days During Winters

Delhi winter is a blessing in disguise. If you use it well then, the season will be kind to you. The trick is to soak in the sun while the morning lasts. Delhi has a ton of public spaces just waiting to be claimed. Switch off your phone and lose yourself in the book that’s been eyeing you all year, bask in the sun’s glory, or you could just lie down and do nothing. How does that sound?

1. Lodhi Gardens

Find the ducks and let them come to you. If they like you, they might just come out of the water and walk around. They play with the desi dog there who probably thinks he’s a duck too. Take a picnic and read with the ducks. Be careful not to feed them though. A chaiwala will be there to fuel your passion.

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2. Haus Khas Fort

Once a lone wolf, this place is now bustling 365. It’s a great place to be if you want to be alone in a crowd. The footfall makes it safe for you to forget your surroundings and get engrossed in your book. This reading spot is Delhi’s sweet haven in the most crowded place possible. Plus here are 5 Things To Do In Hauz Khas Village near the fort!

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3. India Gate

Time will go on, but India Gate will never grow old. This is every Delhiite’s favourite reading spot, regardless of age, gender, class, or anything else. It’s open to all, welcomes all and entertains everyone. Anything you could ever need will be provided to you and you won’t have to move an inch. Food here is amazing for when your book makes you hungry and the trees can get so dense in some places that you can disappear if you like. There are a thousand reading spots between India Gate and Rajpath, go nuts!

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4. Humayun’s Tomb

Just ignore the pre-wedding shoot and you’re good to go. Humayun’s Tomb is so vast and quiet, you and the characters in your book will be the only people alive, alive in your head at least. The old fig tree trunk is famous across the lands for being the most lean-worthy reading spot in the city.

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5. Purana Qila

The recent restorations here have made it even more appealing to us, specially in the winter. Work began last year in the fort and now it comes with a cafeteria, e-tickets, CCTV surveillance and a museum. NBCC cleaned the 20,300 sqm lake and has committed ₹15 crore for its maintenance over two years.

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6. Indian Habitat Centre

No events, no food no interaction. Don’t go looking for hustle. Quietly take a seat in the garden or the steps and read all day. People there understand how a book can tug at the soul. Your body might be where you left it, but your soul could time travel via pages. You’re not the only one and you’ll feel at home at one of Delhi’s best reading spots.

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7. Central Park

Connaught Place is the centre of Delhi for food, shopping and waving the gigantic national flag that covers the sky. Under its shade, you can sit and read peacefully in Central Park. Bang in the centre of CP and thus, Delhi, grass shines proudly as it carries centuries of learning, unlearning and relearning. The best reading spots are those with some history, well this is it then. 10 Things You Need To Explore In Connaught Place, Delhi

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8. National Zoological Park

When the world feels crazy, it’s time to find peace at the zoo. That’s not something old wise people said, but we still think it’s true. The Delhi zoo is huge and usually, fairly empty. Even the days that children’s tours swarm the place, you can easily find reading spots where no one would want to come. All the greenery will help you breathe in the bookish wisdom and the wild vibe is one you’ll care for.

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Delhi reading spots are the easiest way to escape the fast-paced city life. If you want a break that’s too short to include travel time, just find the deepest corner in one of these places and forget the life you left behind!

Vidisha Khaitan
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