This Stunning 4 BHK Floating Villa Will Take Travellers Around The Seas Of Bora Bora

by Yogita Chainani
This Stunning 4 BHK Floating Villa Will Take Travellers Around The Seas Of Bora Bora

Planning a trip is quite tedious, especially when it comes to choosing the right accommodation. Some people like to make sure that their stay is comfortable and luxurious, while others are okay with anything. And if you are someone who always struggles to choose between holidaying on a yacht and an extravagant villa, then the struggle is finally over for you! Soon, you can enjoy the best of both worlds at Bora Bora, thanks to this luxurious houseboat. 

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Pic Credit: ELYT Charter Tahiti

The Luxurious Houseboat To Welcome Guests by First  Quarter of 2021

A plush four-bedroom houseboat is getting built by ELYT Charter Tahiti, and it is all set to get ready by the end of this year. The luxurious houseboat will start welcoming the guests in the first quarter of 2021. Nestled on the heavenly turquoise lagoon of Bora Bora, you can rent the boat as a stationary villa, but it will cruise the lagoon with an allotted captain.

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The HouseBoat Will Have All The Amenities For The Guests

Once completed, around eight people can stay in the majestic 51-feet long houseboat. The floating villa will be furnished with two bathrooms, a 360-degree rooftop lounge offering striking views, a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, flatscreen TV, and grill. The houseboat also comes with inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, snorkelling gear, a concierge service, and the option of a personal chef and crew.

Pic Credit: ELYT Charter Tahiti

Bookings To Open From December 2020

ELYT on its website says that the boat is built keeping all the eco-friendly measures in mind. It will have solar panels and lithium batteries. It doesn’t have a diesel engine, which also means that one will experience total silence, no smell and no pollution. 

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Pic Credit: ELYT Charter Tahiti

The boat is not only opulent and grand, but it’s made keeping the environment in mind. If this has already excited you, then you have to wait for a few more months, since you can start booking it from December. Bookings open from December 1, 2020, with a starting price of $US1,770 per night. And one has to stay a minimum stay of three nights in the houseboats. The cost also includes returning airport transfers to the houseboat.