This 80-Year-Old Amritsar Woman Sells Juice To Survive; Social Media Unites To Help Her

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by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 846

The coronavirus induced lockdowns created havoc in the lives of street food sellers, leaving them struggling to earn a living. During this time, the internet united to help street food sellers in need. From starting fundraisers to creating awareness about their stalls, help has always been on its way. So, now the internet has united once again to help an 80-year-old  woman who runs a juice stall in Amritsar. Here’s her story.

Amristar’s Juice Wali Aunty Receives Love & Support From Social Media

Food blogger Gaurav Wasan who goes by @youtubeswadofficial posted a video on Instagram of an 80-year-old juice stall owner lovingly called ‘Juice Wali Aunty’ in Amristar. In the caption, he shares the heartbreaking story of the octogenarian who is working hard to earn a living. Her stall is nestled in Rani Da Bagh, near Uppal Neuro Hospital, opposite an SBI branch. Currently, she struggles to attract customers, so through the 30-second clip, he urges people to visit her stall. In the viral video, the woman is seen preparing fresh mousambi ( sweet lime) juice and serving people with a smile. The woman despite serving people with a smile is worried about her financial conditions.

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The video went viral garnering over 9 million views and 915k likes. Social media users started enquiring about her bank account. Netizens also took to social media to plead with the local government agencies to intervene and provide her financial aid. With the video going viral, foodies can visit her stall, sip fresh juices to quench themselves from scorching heat. We hope she gains more customers and can get back on her feet. And when it comes to juice shops, Bangalore has a zero waste juice bar called Eat Raja. 

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