This Bengaluru Vendor Converts Fruits Into A Liquid That’s More Useful Than Gold

by Vinita Jain
This Bengaluru Vendor Converts Fruits Into A Liquid That’s More Useful Than Gold

Vitamin C-rich and refreshingly flavoured oranges are one of the most loved fruits. But, what do you usually do with your orange peels after you eat them? Mostly, we’ll throw them in the trash. Well, a fruit juice vendor in Bengaluru has decided to make those orange peels even more useful than gold. Popularly known as Mosambi Babu, he sets up his stall in Bellandur, in front of Shobha quartz, Bengaluru.

The Vendor Puts Orange Peels To Use

Unlike all other fruit juice sellers, Babu doesn’t prefer throwing the fruit skin in the bin and uses the skin of orange in a much more productive way. He is trying to make the world a better place. Netizens are supremely inspired by his different and unique methods of using these orange peels.

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The Inspiration Behind Using Making The Best Out Of Waste

One fine day, one of his customers suggested not to waste the fruit peels. He gave him the idea of mixing the fruit peels with water and jaggery and using the mix as a floor cleaner liquid. That suggestion left Babu quite intriguing. He, later on, did research on using the orange peel and came across several handy ways of using them in the best way.

Converting Fruit Juice into Gold

Along with selling luscious and healthy orange juice, now Babu also sells an eco-friendly liquid made from fruit skin. The liquid is like gold and this environment-friendly gold is free from all sorts of chemicals and insects. Check out the various ways in which this liquid can be used.

  • Can be used as a floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, water-tank cleaner, and bathroom cleaner as well. The cleaning solution disinfects and removes dirt and stains, leaving your home with a wonderful orange scent.
  • Orange peels are great for tanned skin, you can use the liquid as a face wash as well.
  • You can also use them as a body wash for your pets.

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