This Cafe In Malad Serves The Cheesiest Dishes In Mumbai

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Cafe In Malad Serves The Cheesiest Dishes In Mumbai

What is the best way to feel good when in a bad mood? Good Food. Isn’t it? And what if this good food is also loaded with cheese and every other flavour just like you would love it to be? Perfect! Well, we have found you the exact place. Malad is home to this beautiful fusion fast food cafe, Food Adda, which actually serves the cheesiest dishes in town and a lot more. 

A Fusion Fast Food Brand

Food Adda is a pure vegetarian fast-food chain. The place has the most simple yet appealing interior, making you feel at home. The walls have food graphics all over them with the Mumbai’s Gateway of India reminding us of how they serve the best taste of Mumbai. Food Adda has grown from being a roadside little stall to a shop to coming up with so many branches across India. The ambience of the place is very calm, relaxing, homely and soothing. They also have a little section with an ‘I love Food Adda’ illustration on the wall for you to take selfies and pictures. 

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Cheesy Heaven

The food served at Food Adda includes Pannini Sandwiches, Grilled Sandwiches, Baked Sandwiches, Pastas, Freshly Made Pizzas, and Tasty Burgers. Authentic Chinese dishes, Mumbai Pav Bhaji & Pulav, Desserts, Waffles, Pancakes, Varieties in Chay, including Kullad Chay and refreshing mocktails. You can expect the cheesiest burger, panini or pizza or any dish that has cheese in it, here. Once you visit this place, the next time someone talks about cheese you won’t have any other place than this on your mind for sure. The food here is super delicious and flavourful making you want more and more.  You will find a lot of fusion food here as the brand is about fusion fast food like chocolate sandwiches, cheesy hum dum burgers, etc.

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