This Delivery Guy Walked Straight Into The Basketball Court, Mid-Match, To Deliver McDonald’s Burgers

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Delivery Guy Walked Straight Into The Basketball Court, Mid-Match, To Deliver McDonald’s Burgers

You must have heard or experienced food delivery agents going overboard to make sure that your order reaches you on time. Many such sweet examples can be found in viral videos or posts on the Internet. But this Uber Eats’s delivery guy went a step ahead. A college basketball game in the US was interrupted as a food delivery agent went on the court to deliver his order. 

Delivery Guy Walks Into The Game To Deliver An Order

In an attempt to deliver burgers and drinks from McDonald’s, an Uber Eats delivery guy was searching for the man who placed the order amid an ongoing basketball match. The unnamed guy’s presence on the court interrupted the ongoing match, and the organisers decided to pause the match. The delivery guy wandered around the court, looking lost, and asked the players who had ordered food.  

This incident took place during the college basketball match between the Loyola Chicago Ramblers and the Duquesne Dukes. The match took place at UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse in Pittsburgh. The McDonald’s order was later delivered to the referee who had placed the order amidst the ongoing match, as per ESPN. 

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Netizens Applaud The Agent’s Dedication

While the delivery guy was looking for someone to receive the order, the commentators of the match pointed out his presence on the court in complete disbelief. A referee tried to shoo the guy away as he was standing just a few inches away from the player while the ball was in motion. He was then grabbed by the arm by an arena staffer, who asked him to leave the court. The game was paused as security took him out of the court. 

The video of the delivery guy is going viral on the internet, and many people are praising him for his dedication. Many people also mentioned how funny the commentary was as they spotted him on the court, but some of them were also concerned about the security of the game. One user commented that this means that one does not need a ticket to watch the game — instead, just an order and a sticker from Uber Eats is enough. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @KevinSweeney/Twitter