This Ice Cream Chaat Made With Mango Dolly Leaves The Internet Confused

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Ice Cream Chaat Made With Mango Dolly Leaves The Internet Confused

There are plenty of unique food trends that leave the internet in a debate, right from Ice Cream Vada Pav, Gulab Jamun Pizza, Chocolate Biryani to Maggi Milkshake, the list is endless. And social media is a growing hub for bizarre food trends. But also thanks to social media we also get a glimpse of unique foods that come up from small gullies and street food corners in our country. Well, an ice cream chaat from a street food stall in Vadodara is making heads turn. Read on to know why.

Mango Dolly Chaat In Vadodara Makes Heads Turn

A street food stall in Vadodara has created curated a bizarre chaat that has gone viral on social media. Now we know that Gujarati food is celebrated for its sweet flavours, but is this too much. Well, let’s tell you why. A Twitter user who goes by the handle @sahiladh shared a video posted by IGTV food blogger @streetfoodrecipe. In the 3-minute video, 48-second clip, you’d notice an unusual chaat being made that uses Mango Dolly. The street food vendor first dips slices of bread in coconut water and turmeric syrup. He then places it in a box.

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This Chaat Has Bread, Strawberry Sauce, Nuts, Cheese & Mango Dolly Ice Cream

Next, he adds strawberry sauce and other condiments. Next, he tops it with chopped dry fruits. Finally, he adds sliced Mango Dolly. He played bits of the popular ice cream in the box. If this doesn’t make your heads turn, then the street food vendor tops the sweet chaat with thick mango syrup and finally garnishes it with stringy cheese. This unique Mango Dolly Chaat from Vadodara went viral garnering over 152k views and thousands of comments and likes. One Twitter user demanded a follow-up video showing the expressions of the person who finally eats this. Another commented that anything is possible in Gujarat in the name of fusion chaat. Well, the question arises, would you dare to eat it? Meanwhile, here’s Kamiya Jani’s experience visiting 100-year-old restaurants in Ahmedabad.