This Temple In Uttarakhand Known To Have High Cosmic Energy Has Hosted Swami Vivekananda, Bob Dylan & More!

kasar devi temple
by Sanjana Shenoy

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world in a state of collective stress, grief and mourning. With each of us having gone through one of the most trying periods of our lives, many of us have taken to spirituality, exercise, reading and meditation to cope with these times and help ourselves stay afloat. Kasar Devi Temple in Uttarakhand is an abode that welcomes weary travellers with stunning views, the powerful Kasar Devi ( incarnation of Goddess Durga) and the chance to connect to yourself on a deeper level at the meditation points on the hillock. Nestled at an altitude of 2116m above sea level, this 2nd-century temple is perched on a hillock overlooking Almora. Interestingly, though situated miles away from each other, Kasar Devi Temple, Peru’s Machu Picchu and UK’s Stonehenge share one similarity.

Kasar Devi Temple Has Electromagnetic Field That’s Similar To Stonehenge & Machu Picchu

Kasar Devi Temple is positioned on the earth’s Van Allen Belt. This means that the region surrounding this temple in Uttarakhand has a massive geomagnetic field due to gaps in radiation. Due to this reason, Kasar Devi, Machu Picchu and Stonehenge share the same cosmic energy. The presence of these magnetic fields will leave you feeling peaceful and blissful the minute you set foot on the flat area surrounding the temple. Despite climbing over 100 steps to reach Kasar Devi, the high cosmic energy may give you a heady feeling, almost like you’re floating in thin air.  The deep sense of serenity, the tranquillity that you’d experience at the Kasar Devi Temple is a reason why many renowned thinkers, philosophers have visited this place for meditation.

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kasar devi temple

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Renowned Philosophers & Thinkers Visited The Ancient Temple

The ancient Kasar Devi Temple has hosted big names like Swami Vivekananda who meditated at a cave near the temple, Rabindranath Tagore, Bob Dylan, Beatles guitarist George Harrison, Danish mystic Alfred Sorensen, DH Lawrence, Tibetan Buddhism guru Lama Anagarika Govinda, Uma Thurman and more. Surrounded by lofty pines and deodars, the stone temple has been carved out of a 2000-year-old cave. The Birla family renovated the temple in 1948. The deity Kasar Devi an incarnation of Goddess Durga took the form of Katyayani to defeat the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh. The deity is beautiful and powerful and truly a sight to behold.

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kasar devi temple

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 Over 100 Million-Year-Old Rocks, Energised Water & Meditation Spots With High Cosmic Energy

Kasar Devi Temple has certain unique and mystical properties. The rocks on the Kasar Valley that houses the temple is date back to over 100 million years. The soil here is black due to the presence of graphite. This mineral helps the area to stay elevated. There’s also a high content of iron in the area that’s also present in the water. That could be one of the reasons why drinking the water at Kasar would leave you instantly energised. The spiritual site is energised thanks to the high cosmic energy and the solar winds.

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The Crank’s Ridge Near Kasar Devi Temple Hosts Hippies

The area around Kasar Devi Temple is called Crank’s Ridge or Hippie Hill which is a melting pot of art, culture, spirituality and poetry. Crank’s Ridge often beckons backpackers pondering for answers to life’s deep questions. The ridge is covered in pine trees situated on the way to Kasar Devi Temple. Visiting Crank’s Ridge would give you a chance to strike up conversations and get to know interesting anecdotes about the past visitors here, who smoked cannabis, meditated and spent quality time with each other, with the hopes of returning back home rejuvenated and enlightened.

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