Tiger Falls In Uttarakhand Is The Highest Direct Waterfall In India

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Tiger Falls In Uttarakhand Is The Highest Direct Waterfall In India

Our affinity towards waterfalls never ceases, I mean who doesn’t like to go up to a grand, majestic waterfall and marvel at the wonders of nature? The higher it is, the more awe-instilling. Water falling into the calm river below, drowning out all other noise in its might boom, this is Uttarakhand’s highest direct waterfall in India, Tiger Falls, and here’s why you should totally go see this marvel and make the most of it.

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Tiger Falls
The sublime waterfall resides in the hills of Chakrata, Uttarakhand, 20 km away. The nearest city from here is Dehradun at a distance of 98 km. It stands tall at an elevated height of 312 ft, making it India’s highest direct waterfall. The water flow is devoid of any breaks! It is one of the rare waterfalls that still has an intact ecosystem.

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How To Get Here
Trekking to the waterfall point from the village of Chakrata is most popular among visitors. It is not a challenging or daunting trek but quite easy and doable for beginners even. You can choose a shorter path that is just 1 km or also a longer one that is 5 km to take in the raw beauty of your surrounding, clean and green, unlike the city! The region is even more alive and pretty in the monsoons, it’s the best time to visit. Do keep in mind that visiting hours end at 7 pm. And entry is free.

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Note: Please do not carry any kind of plastic here with you and make sure you do not dirty the surrounding or litter. It is our responsibility to ensure we do not harm nature and keep it clean an green, just the way it is.

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Address: Tiger Falls, Kanaser Range, Chakrata, Uttarakhand 248123
Ticket: Entry Free