Travellers To Uttarakhand Beware As State Announces Orange Alert For Heavy Rains

by Sanmita A
Travellers To Uttarakhand Beware As State Announces Orange Alert For Heavy Rains

Are you travelling to Uttarakhand this weekend? Then, it would help if you gave your travelling plans a second thought. This will save you some additional trouble, as the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy rains in certain parts of Uttarakhand. These locations include Dehradun, Nainital, Chamoli, Bageshwar, Pithoragarh and Champawat districts. Therefore, travellers will need to be cautious with their travel as IMD made the rain predictions from September 14 onwards.

Orange Alert Issued In The State After Heavy Rains Prediction

Considering Uttarakhand to be a large tourist state, the government has warned the mentioned locations. However, the condition of the weather will remain the same, and heavy rainfall will continue to be there for the entire week. As per reports, Uttarakhand rains were medium despite the frequency.

IMD predicts heavy rainfall from Wednesday till the end of the week, along with thunderstorms and lightning.

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Why Avoid Uttarakhand During The Rainy Season?

Uttarakhand is prettiest during the rains, no doubt about that. However, it is crucial that you plan your travel and activities in Dehradun or in other tourist spots keeping the weather in mind. There is a high possibility of getting stuck in the state due to the heavy rainfall or being prone to accidents or landslides. It is best you do not visit certain areas during the rainy season. As per reports, the weather in Uttarakhand still stands unpredictable. Therefore, ahead of planning your itinerary for the tourist spots, keep the weather updates in check.

The warnings issued by the authorities have directed the locals and travellers to stay away from the rivulets and streams and maintain caution. Farmers in the state and in the flood prone districts have also been asked to make drainage arrangements for the excess water. And, most importantly, people have been asked to stay cautious while travelling.

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