Travelling To UK From UAE? Your Visa Can Be Delayed By 2 Months

by Ishita Agarwal
Travelling To UK From UAE? Your Visa Can Be Delayed By 2 Months

After more than two months of waiting, getting a UK visa is still a pain for UAE citizens. However, the irony is that after a busy summer that included daily limitations on departure passengers from London Heathrow, UAE-UK air travel volumes are beginning to show more indications of a return to normality in the coming weeks. 

The Demand For UK Visa In UAE

According to sources in the travel business, even though arranging an appointment only takes around 10 days, acquiring a visa really takes more than 60 days. Although there is a huge demand for UK visas, the lengthy waiting period deterges many potential applicants.

While acquiring a Schengen visa is becoming simpler for UAE citizens after many weeks of lengthy waiting periods, getting a UK visa remains challenging. The wait time for a visa interview has decreased from three to four months to one month or less.

However, the processing time for tourist visas, including regular visitor visa applications, is now seven weeks on average for the UK. However, certain applications can require more time, according to a statement from UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) and VFS Global. 



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An Influx Of Ukrainian Refugees Wanting To Enter The UK

According to industry insiders, the backlog is mainly caused by a surge of Ukrainian migrants trying to enter the UK. However, aircraft cancellations have only worsened matters. Staff shortages and union strikes have disrupted thousands of flights in the UK and Europe in recent months. Despite this, London remained Dubai’s top destination in the first half of this year. Therefore, Travelling To the UK From UAE? Your Visa Can Be Delayed By 2 Months with 1.3 million passengers, making UAE-UK is one of the busiest flight routes in the world. 

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