The UAE Officially Beats Europe To Rank First Among ‘The Best Places To Be’ During The Pandemic

by Shrestha Purkayastha
The UAE Officially Beats Europe To Rank First Among ‘The Best Places To Be’ During The Pandemic

The United Arab Emirates is at the top of the list, which is titled “the best spot to be during the epidemic.” And with good reason! If you were lucky enough to live in the United Arab Emirates during the pandemic, you witnessed firsthand how well-organized, serious, and safe everything was from the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The United Arab Emirates has topped Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking. European nations that had been at the top of the rankings in recent months have been dethroned. The report went on to say that since joining the ranking a year ago, the country had been “one of the most consistent performances.” According to Lovin Dubai. The daily cases that have remained below a hundred per day since mid-October are detailed. Deaths are uncommon, and immunisation rates exceed 200 doses per 100 persons.

The ‘COVID Resilience Ranking’ is a monthly overview of where the virus is being dealt with most successfully and with the least amount of social and economic disruption.

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The UAE was recently ranked third in the world in a tier table that measured how well countries regulate the coronavirus while still growing their economy. According to Bloomberg Covid Resilience, a monthly publication by the business news agency, the Emirates were only back off on Ireland and Spain. A consistent reduction in the number of deaths and cases, accompanied by high vaccination rates. The Emirates were also given permission to drop three spots since the last table was released.

Ireland and Spain had ascended to the top two spots. The rest of the top ten are primarily made up of other European countries. All credit goes to the manageable case numbers and the fact that the constraints were at best slack.

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UAE Handled COVID-19 Cases Very Efficiently

Following the pandemic’s recent peak in May and June, the UAE saw a significant improvement in its pandemic management, with fewer than three-quarters of a million Covid-19 infections and 2,135 deaths.

The UAE’s overall Bloomberg Resilience Score of 74.6 is boosted by a high immunisation rate of 97.3 per cent. Something truly extraordinary! There are currently fewer than 1,000 cases every week. The lowest level in almost a year, while the total number of deaths has dropped to single digits in recent weeks.

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