UAE Has Reported Its First Omicron Case & Here’s Everything To Know!

by Shrestha Purkayastha 738

On Wednesday, December 1, UAE authorities reported the discovery of the first Omicron variant case in the country. The individual had arrived from an African country and was transiting through the UAE, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention. The patient was vaccinated against COVID-19 in accordance with national guidelines.

Saudi Arabia Also Announced Its First Detected Omicron Case

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia reported the discovery of the first Omicron case in the country. A person who had been vaccinated against COVID-19 in California became the first person in the United States to be diagnosed with the Omicron variant. The WHO called the most recent coronavirus variant Omicron, and researchers in South Africa were the first to find and flag it.

Picture Credits: The Hindu

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The UAE Has Suspended Inbound Flights From 7 Countries

Concerns about the spread of COVID-19 variations prompted the UAE to halt inbound flights from seven nations. The travel ban went into effect on November 29. Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the UAE’s Official Spokesperson for the Health Sector, stated that the UAE’s responsible authorities were monitoring the latest developments regarding the new COVID-19 variant in order to take appropriate action. Large genetic alterations may alter the virus’s properties, and the virus’s transmission may be faster than before. This would necessitate even more thorough research and investigation.

Picture Credits: The Hindu

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Al Hosani also emphasised the need of following precautionary measures such as wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining social distance. She went on to say that these important criteria would be critical in halting the spread of COVID-19.

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