United Airlines Flight Attendants Sue Airline For Hiring Only “Young, White & Thin” Female Crew

by Sanjana Shenoy
United Airlines Flight Attendants Sue Airline For Hiring Only “Young, White & Thin” Female Crew

United Airlines is in legal soup after two flight attendants sued the airline for only hiring “young, white and thin” female crew for the Los Angeles Dodgers chart flights. They allege that female crew belonging to minority communities were replaced by white women and alleged racial discrimination against the flight. Read on to know what happened.

Black & Jewish Flight Attendants Sue United Airlines For Racist & Discriminatory Hiring

According to a report by WION, two flight attendants —Darby Quezada and Dawn Todd— with 15 years of experience working at United Airlines sued the airline. Darby Quezada is a 44-year-old woman of Black, Mexican and Jewish origin.  And Dawn Todd is a 50-year-old of Black origin.

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In an interview with Los Angeles Daily News, the female flight attendants alleged that United Airlines employees who were of white origin were engaged in racial discrimination towards minority flight attendants on the Dodgers charter flights. The white crew also passed comments of antisemitism and discrimination against them.

As per the lawsuit filed by two flight attendants, United Airlines replaced the two female flight attendants from the Dodgers charter flights because they belonged to a minority community. They were instead replaced by “young, white and thin” female crew. The newly replaced crew didn’t even have to interview to bag the highly coveted positions.

Darby Quezada further claimed that employees called her” “the flight’s maid” as wanted a Mexican to clean the toilets. They also ordered to to stop speaking in Spanish as they “were in America”. She was also subjected to antisemitic comments. One employee even told her that Jesus died for her even if she didn’t believe in it. Further, they told her that she doesn’t look like a Jewish.

Not The First Time The Airline Is Being Sued

Dawn Todd in turn stated that Black flight attendants were denied benefits and perks on Dodgers flights and were subjected to racism and agesim. When she raised her voice against the unfair treatment of Black employees she faced retaliation. Sam S Yebri, the plaintiff’s attorney, said that staffing decisions based on an employee’s race or looks was illegal.

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The latest lawsuit goes on to add that United Airlines’s charters for long have been embroiled in allegations of racism, discrimination and sexism. This is not the first time the airline has been sued. In 2020, Black and Jewish flight attendants filed cases against the airline for similar reasons.

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Crew members employed on Dodgers charter flights enjoy more benefits than their counterparts. From better accommodations to higher allowances to longer trips to sports passes to merchandise, Black and Jewish flight attendants are denied these benefits.

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Meanwhile, do you know of instances where companies hire employees on the basis of their physical attributes or their race?

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