Video Of Man Riding A Motorcycle With A Propeller Goes Viral

by Sanmita A
Video Of Man Riding A Motorcycle With A Propeller Goes Viral

Guess what caught us by surprise? A motorcycle video with a propellor. It is super fun to watch people update their favourite vehicles with unique features and additions. And this viral video is along the same lines. A man is seen trying to ride a motorcycle with a propellor. He makes numerous attempts before it finally starts rotating. Read on to watch this stunning video of the motorcycle with a propellor.

Motorcycle Video With A Propellor Goes Viral

With millions of views garnering every other day on this video, some claim that this invention is from Brazil. The caption of the post reads, ‘This propeller-powered motorcycle is one of the coolest inventions we’ve ever seen.’ You will surely be thrilled to watch this video and how the propellor after a lot of attempts finally starts rotating efficiently. Watch this awesome video here

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What Are Netizens Thinking Of This Cool & Unique Invention?

The people on Facebook were totally stunned by this cool motorcycle video. With almost 150 million reactions, likes and views, we are sure that people are super curious about it. People are super curious and this is what they are actually thinking-

‘Wings! He needs to install wings so he can fly.

This is why women live longer than Men

This is one of the worst ideas ever. Who wants to die first.

It would be good in a zombie apocalypse , chooping zombies on the ways’

A few were totally impressed with this video, while some totally cracked up with it. They put up their opinions on how the motorcycle did or did not make sense. And, as always, it did have tons of hilarious comments!

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Meanwhile, catch up on this unique video too!