Wedding Fiasco: Unhappy Baratis In Telangana Fight Over Not Getting Mutton Bone Marrow; Call Off Wedding

A fight took place between guests at a wedding over mutton bone marrow not being served at dinner!

by Shreya Rathod
Wedding Fiasco: Unhappy Baratis In Telangana Fight Over Not Getting Mutton Bone Marrow; Call Off Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be special occasions—except we are witnessing guests fight over random stuff! Recently, we have witnessed several wedding fights and a recent one happened in Telangana. The reason for the fight was mutton bone marrow after which the wedding was called off.

Wedding Fight In Telangana

wedding fight mutton telangana
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In Telangana, the groom’s family was upset that the bride’s non-vegetarian dinner did not include mutton bone marrow. This resulted in cancelling the wedding! The husband was from Jagtiyal, and the bride was from Nizamabad. November saw them become engaged at the bride’s house, but the wedding was called off shortly after.

A non-vegetarian lunch had been prepared by the bride’s family for the attendees, who also included the groom’s family. A fight broke out when guests realised that mutton bone marrow was absent from the menu after the engagement ceremony. When the bride’s relatives—who were hosting—disclosed that bone marrow had not been added to the dishes, the quarrel became even more heated.

The police soon got involved and attempted to talk the groom’s family out of the dispute. However, they remained unyielding, furious over what they perceived as an insult.

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They insisted that it was the bride’s family’s deliberate concealment that bone marrow was not permitted. Ultimately, the engagement party came to an end when the groom’s family decided to call off the wedding.

Numerous people noted that the incident’s plot resembled that of a well-regarded Telugu film.

Brawl Over Matar Paneer

Earlier, a wedding turned into an unanticipated arena for conflict between the bride and groom’s sides. Because there were no paneer pieces in the matar paneer dish, the occurrence featured a heated argument during the marriage ceremony.

The attendees of the wedding were enraged by the lack of paneer in the matar paneer dish, which resulted in a chaotic incident as people from opposing sides of the wedding party started throwing chairs and tables at one another. Fast forward to when people started getting into actual fights, punching and slapping each other, and the place took on an almost feral feel.

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