96-Year-Old Wenger’s Bakery In Delhi’s CP Offers The Best Hotdogs, Waffles And Smoothies

by Sanjana Shenoy
96-Year-Old Wenger’s Bakery In Delhi’s CP Offers The Best Hotdogs, Waffles And Smoothies

Every city has its fair share of eateries that transports one to the times gone by. Delhi is home to Wenger’s Bakery. This 96-year-old family-run establishment entices Delhiites with its scrumptious hot dogs, waffles, cookies, and British bakes. But did you know Wenger’s Bakery wasn’t started by an Indian? The iconic bakery was actually the brainchild of a Swiss couple. Here’s all about it.

Swiss Couple Opened Wenger’s Bakery In Delhi

To feed the British troops stationed in Delhi, Wengers, a Swiss couple, opened a quaint confectionery in 1926. The Wenger’s Bakery was set up in Kashmere gate. But in the late 20s and early 30s, it shifted base to Connaught Place a more prominent location.

wenger's bakery
Picture Credits: Pixabay

The Wenger’s Bakery wasn’t your ordinary British confectionery. With the wish to entertain British bureaucrats, the bakery had a ballroom and restaurant in the top storeys. Indian politicians, socialites, British diplomats and even royalty,  flocked to Wenger’s Bakery for a night of dinner and dancing.

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Ownership Changes Hands And New Era Begins

In 1944, the Wenger couple retired to the hills of Dehradun. But before retirement, their beloved Wenger’s Bakery was handed out to a young gentleman Mr Brij Mohan Tandon. After India gained independence in 1947, the bakery’s British clientele slowly weaned. That’s when the Indian entrepreneur revamped its menu and reduced its prices to cater to the masses- the aam janta ( the general public) of India. Budget-friendly dishes that tantalise taste buds of desi foodies were added to the menu.

Wenger's Bakery
Picture Credits: wengers.in

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Feeding Renowned Indian Personalities And Eager Delhiites

Over the years Wenger’s Bakery serenaded Delhiites’ palates. The 96-year-old iconic establishment has hosted esteemed Indian officials and national celebrities. Former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and renowned painter MF Hussain visited the bakery for its delicious swiss chocolates, pastries and sponge cakes- which continue to be bestsellers to date.

Wenger's Bakery
Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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What Should You Eat At Wenger’s Bakery?

Run by the 4th generation of Tandons, today, the patisserie has added another feather to its cap-American fast-food. From wholesome burgers, cheesy pizzas to waffles-on-the-go, you’d be spoilt for choice. Wash down bites from the Swiss patisserie with a glass of refreshing smoothie. While the bakery has a modern touch, it still never fails to serve you a slice of nostalgia.

Wenger's Bakery
Picture Credits: wengers.in

With over 75 years of rich history, Wenger’s Bakery certainly has our hearts. What about you? Let us know what you’d like to try at this Swiss patisserie.

Where: A16, Connaught Place, New Delhi
When: 10:30 am to 7 pm
Cost: ₹400 for two people (approx)

Cover Image Courtesy: Just Dial and wengers.in