Why You Shouldn’t Marry Before Travelling With Your Partner

by Madhusree Chatragadda
by Madhusree Chatragadda 984

Marriage is about adjustment and so is travel. You can find a lot about a person when you go on a trip with them! Travel lets you explore what amazes you just like a relationship helps you find yourself too. Both are a discovery of sorts, full of surprises. And so, here’s why you should travel with your partner first before marrying them.


1. Budget

Marriage is about love but it also is about money, like it or not. While travelling, you get to know how your partner manages the budget. If they are thrifty or spent thrift!

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2. Adjustment

Travel being full of surprises, you need to know how your partner takes them. More than that, how does your partner respond to your reactions to those surprises? Are they accommodating or rigid?


Complicated but important questions that need answers for similar parallels are drawn in marriage. It requires adjustment and you must know if your partner is willing and capable of this adjustment.

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3. ‎Crisis Management 

When on vacation, things can go wrong in terms of your travel experience or your stay location like your bus breaking down in the middle of nowhere or losing your valuables etc. It is important to learn how your partner tends to approach these troubling situations.


Whether they are calm or anxious makes a difference. Either way, it helps you decide for married life too can throw many curve balls at a couple. And you both should be able to get through them together.

4. ‎Discovering New Things Together

Once married, many of your experiences will become shared. And travelling together gives you an opportunity to see what it’s like!


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5. ‎It’s Not Only About The Destination But The Journey Too

Travel is as much about the destination as it is about the journey and the same goes for marriage! Your partner must find the journey of married life rewarding and not just the popular idea of a ” happily ever after”.


With its ups and downs, it should be a memorable journey.

6. ‎‎Finding Yourself

Travel gives you the opportunity to find yourself and know yourself better. Things you like and things you don’t, it has the potential to make you self aware. And so does Marriage!


Your partner too should be open to finding themselves through this journey and getting to know themselves better. One may find something they don’t like but what is important is how they move forward with it.

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Go on the, have fun on a vacation with your partner that could turn into a lot more!


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