Wife Finds Missing Husband On Tik Tok App After 3 Years

by Mrunal Mahajan
by Mrunal Mahajan 6 views

As bizarre as this may sound, it is very true! Suresh from Tamilnadu went missing in the year 2016 was found on the Chinese application Tik Tok. Suresh abandoned his wife Jayapradhan and their two children after a disagreement and left his house.

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Suresh and Jayapradhan were married for 6 years and after he went missing his wife filed a missing report with the local police. The police found no trace on him back then and there were no leads. Recently, Jayapradhan’s relative spotted a man looking similar to Suresh on Tik Tok App, to confirm if it was him they contacted Jayapradhan and that is how they figured it was her ‘missing’ husband.

Image Credits: Google News – Overview

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Jayapradhan reached out to the police and showed them the video. With the help of an NGO, Association of Community Empowerment, Villupuram police tracked Suresh down. He was seen with a trans person in the Tik Tok video who was identified by the group members of the NGO.

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Suresh was living the transperson who was later identified as Rosy and he was working as a mechanic. They were married and lived in Hosur of Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu. It was shocking to know that a mobile application which is criticised by many helped Jayapradhan find her missing husband.

The police helped Suresh and Jayapradhan to sort their differences and work out their marriage. Abandoning family and children over a dispute is just stupidity. The least Suresh could have done is told Jayapradhan that he was to be separated instead of abandoning very strangely.

Image Credits: TNW

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What is funny to know that he was found on Tik Tok and not by the police. This points out two things, one is that the police failed to find the man who was missing and second being the sheer stupidity of Suresh leaving his wife who he was married to for 6 years over a disagreement.