World’s Largest Plastic Polluter Coca Cola Tests New Paper Bottles To Help Environment

coca-cola paper bottles
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy1424

What do you do when you win the title of the world’s largest plastic polluter for four years in a row? You get serious. That is what Coca-Cola is doing. Partnering with Paboco (Paper Bottle Company), they have unveiled their first ‘paper bottle,’ which will have a lesser contribution to the plastic waste generated worldwide. So you can expect, same taste with no waste. But these are yet in testing stages, so you can expect quite a while, before your favourite beverage comes in paper containers, instead of plastic.

Coca-Cola Tested Paper Bottles In Hungary To Reduce Plastic Pollution

In partnership with Danish company Paboco (Paper Bottle Company), Coca-Cola has unveiled its first ‘paper bottle’. This revolutionary step is only for a limited online trial in Hungary and is done via the online grocery store to understand the packaging performance and customer response. Coca-Cola shall run 2,000 bottles of the plant-based beverage AdeZ. This initiative by Coke is for an attempt to eliminate plastic bottles from their packaging, and these bottles, made by the joint collaboration of Paboco and Coke’s R&D team, are made from sustainably sourced wood with a bio-based material that is capable of preventing the release of gas as well as liquids and oxygen. Interestingly, did you know coke is one of the beverages that were invented accidentally? 

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coca-cola paper bottles

Picture Credits: bbc.cocoke

Apart From Coca-Cola, Absolut Vodka To Also Test Paper Bottles

This initiative from the Coca-Cola Company was made after intense pressure to create an environmentally sustainable packaging system for the beverages. The paper bottles are part of The Coca-Cola Company’s World Without Waste sustainable packaging goal to collect and recycle a bottle or can by the year 2030. Like Coke, even vodka maker Absolut will test out paper bottles for their carbonated raspberry drink product in the UK and Sweden. Since paper shouldn’t come in contact with the drinks inside, these paper bottles’ innards will be layered with a sustainable coating derived from plants.

coca-cola paper bottles

Picture Credits: Absolut

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We hope these initiatives by the large corporations are a step towards a more sustainable and plastic-free environment. While we may enjoy the momentary pleasure of shipping through these beverages, let us not forget the larger implications on nature as a whole. Meanwhile, if you don’t drink alcohol, you’ve probably faced these situations in life. 

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