World’s Most Millionaires: Here’s The List Of Top 10 Cities 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
World’s Most Millionaires: Here’s The List Of Top 10 Cities 

Have you ever wondered which city millionaires live in? I too have wondered about it a lot. Looks like an investment migration consulting firm Henley & Partners heard us. The firm in partnership with New World Wealth, a wealth intelligence firm, released the Global Citizens Report. The report showed the cities where world’s most millionaires live and New York has topped the list. 

Top 10 Cities Where World’s Most Millionaires Reside

According to the report by Henley & Partners, New York is the city that has topped the list of cities where world’s most of the millionaires reside. The top three cities in the list are New York, Tokyo and the San Francisco bay area. The most intriguing part of the list is that half of the top 10 cities are from the United States alone. The definition of millionaires according to the survey are the people who have investable assets worth $1 million or more. The countries that are in the top 10 are New York, Tokyo, San Francisco Bay Area, London, Singapore, Los Angeles and Malibu, Chicago, Houston, Beijing and Shanghai. 


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Millionaires Are Moving

Looking closely at the data received from the survey, it clearly shows that 12% of its high net worth residents were lost by New York. While the San Francisco bay area actually saw a 4% increase in the same. The fourth place on the list belongs to London which also saw a 9% decline in the number of millionaires. Houston which is on the 8th place on the list, saw an increase of 6% in the number of high worth individuals. Beijing and Shanghai though are in the top 10 list of world’s most millionaires residing, saw a decrease in the number by 5% to 8%. 

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