Wow! This Optical Illusion With Coca Cola Will Blow Your Mind & We’re Not Kidding

optical illusion the real thing
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 586

Delhi recently got India’s first Museum of Illusions. Offering a mind-bending experience of walking across the state of the art installations that will leave you bamboozled, there’s a lot in store for people of all age groups. Alas, the prevailing coronavirus pandemic might prove spoilsport to your plans of visiting this Museum of Illusions. Nevertheless, fret not, for the internet is always here at your disposal. An optical illusion video created by British man Matt Pritchard, using a simple Coca Cola can and mirror will give you a mind-boggling experience like no other. Here’s everything to know.

The Real Thing: A Mindboggling Optical Illusion Act

The optical illusion titled ‘The Real Thing’, created by Matt Pritchard uses a Coca Cola can and a mirror that shows the reflection of the same. In the video, you can witness a mirror image of a coke can. At first glance, you’d surely decipher it to be a coke can, placed in front of a mirror, showing its original reflection on the other side. But the video goes on to show that it’s actually a hollow cardboard, instead of a mirror. The cardboard placed between the two coke cans at symmetrical distances shall surely leave you shocked.

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optical illusion the real thing

Picture Credits: Youtube

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It Looks Like A Mirror But It’s A Cardboard

The perfect symmetry between the two cans misdirect viewers and creates an optical illusion in their mind. This is mindblowing right? The video goes on to explain, “The movement of the frame and hole provide excellent ‘misdirection’. Even when the moving background is not perfectly flat.” This video isn’t brand new, infact it was uploaded on December 7, 2020. It went viral over the past few months and garnered over 4.3 lakh views to date. So even if you can’t visit Delhi’s Museum of Illusions,  pique your interest further, with this video of the optical illusion, The Real Thing.

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