X User Rants How Vistara Cancels Mumbai-Bengaluru Flight Last Minute; Calls Airline “Pathetic”

Another day, another passenger complained about airline services.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Rants How Vistara Cancels Mumbai-Bengaluru Flight Last Minute; Calls Airline “Pathetic”

Catching a flight, witnessing picturesque views, and reaching your destination at the earliest are some of the many beautiful experiences of a journey. Flight tickets do cost a bomb but the amazing services and comfort make the expenditure worth it. However, there are several instances where passengers, unfortunately, face inconveniences due to cancellations, delays, and more. This time, a Vistara passenger called out the airline for their horrible services.

X User Slammed Vistara For Last-Minute Flight Cancellations & Delays

Taking to the X platform, Dr. Vikram Sampath, FRHistS (@vikramsampath) shared his experience of his journey with the airline.

Dr. Vikram Sampath booked a Vistara flight ticket to travel to Bengaluru from Mumbai. According to the schedule, the flight was supposed to take off at 5 PM. However, the plan changed soon. The flight was declared as cancelled last minute and Vistara cited “operational reasons” for the inconvenience.

Later, the X user changed the booking to the morning at 9 AM. While everything was going smoothly for this flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru, it got delayed later. Though Vistara announced the boarding for this flight, they later stated that the flight would take off at 11 AM. The cause for this delay was once again “operational reason”. While ranting about Vistara’s recent issues, the passenger called the airline “Pathetic”.

Another X user commented under the post mentioning how his mother’s flight also got delayed by 9 hours. The reason was that the Vistara pilot did not want to fly the plane. Replying to this, Dr. Vikram Sampath shared this was the same issue for the flight that he was supposed to travel to as well.

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The Airline Responded To The X Post

Vistara replied to the post stating that they are doing the utmost to expedite the departure of the flight.

Vistara also asked for a “suitable time to connect” to assist him.

Kolkata-Bengaluru flight of Vistara also got delayed by 6 hours without any intimation. Here’s how Netizens are reacting to the airline’s services.

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Have you ever had similar experiences of flight cancellations and delays while flying with Vistara?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, X/ Dr. Vikram Sampath, FRHistS (@vikramsampath) 

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