You Can Now Go Surfing During Your Mumbai-Goa Road Trip And Here’s How!

by Suchismita Pal
You Can Now Go Surfing During Your Mumbai-Goa Road Trip And Here’s How!

Thinking of taking a road trip from Mumbai to Goa? If you take the route via Devgad, a thrilling experience is waiting for you on the way. The first-ever board surfing school on the Konkan coast has come up on the stretch between the Devgad beach and the Taramburi beach. Thus, you can take a halt at Devgad to indulge in some surfing lessons over the waves. Also, you can be just a beginner to be eligible for learning the sport. Knowledge of swimming is not mandatory to learn the sport here.

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Gain Your Prowess On Surfing

Flying Konkon has launched the school for the adventure sport on the Devgad beach by collaborating with Devgad tourism. When you’re on your way to Goa, take a halt at Devgad, stroll through the pristine beach and gain prowess on surfing skills. The Devgad beach isn’t much congested and is hence absolutely serene.

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The Beach Houses The Longest Zipline In Maharashtra

Apart from the surfing facility, the Devgad beach also houses the longest zipline in the whole of Maharashtra. The beach is the perfect haven for thrill-seekers. It is also one of the beaches to experience magical sunsets. One of the stunning attractions near the beach is the historic Devgad Fort overlooking the vast sea.

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To know more about the above activities, call up on the number +91 9405566622 or shoot an e-mail to On that note, here is a list of the 6 Best Places For Water Sports In Maharashtra.