You Need To Pay More For Your Domestic Air Tickets Now And Here’s Why

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
You Need To Pay More For Your  Domestic Air Tickets Now And Here’s Why

While the world is speeding up towards opening up for travel, people have already planned their holidays. But the air tickets will cost a bomb now. Earlier this month, state-owned fuel retailers announced that the price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) has increased by 5 per cent to ₹. 123,039.71 per kl in the national capital. Since the beginning of 2022, ATF prices have increased every two weeks.

ATF Makes Up 40% Of The Running Cost

The running cost of an airline includes about 40 per cent of Aviation Turbine Fuel. Since the first of January this year, turbine fuel prices hiked 61.7% from ₹ 76,062/kl to ₹ 1.23lakh/kl. The prices have increased for the 10th consecutive time and the new rates will be applicable till May 31st. Turbine fuel ATF in Kolkata is priced at ₹ 127,854.60, in Chennai it is ₹ 127,286.13 and in Mumbai, it costs ₹ 121,847.11per kl.  

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Not Only Fuel But CNG Too Has Been Hiked

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) prices were raised on 15th May by Rs 2 per Kg in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram by state-owned Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL). CNG in the national capital Delhi will be ₹73.61 per Kg from May 15, while it will be ₹76.17 per Kg in Noida and ₹81.94 in Gurugram. Foreign Travel Also Gets 25% Percent Costlier As Indian Rupee Value Dips.