10 Tattoo Ideas For True Travel Lovers

by Tania Tarafdar
10 Tattoo Ideas For True Travel Lovers

For every travel lover, there is always a new adventure waiting around the corner. While sometimes that adventure involves hopping on a plane and flying to an exotic destination, at other times, it is about doing something that is a little more permanent. If you think you are someone who was born to explore the world, these tattoo ideas will help fuel your wanderlust and immortalise the experiences you’ve already had.

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1. Take Off Aeroplane

An aeroplane is a great tattoo to have on your wrist of below your neck. It signifies the journey of discovery. Ink the skies to your arm along with the aeroplane. These Tattoos For The Souls Who Wanderlust.

2. Here To There Map

North, east, south, west – it doesn’t matter when you are travelling, so just get a world map inked. Give your map tattoo a difference with some chic watercolour effects.

Picture Credits: websta.me | Lauren Stanford

3. Around The World

Do you wish to travel the world? A world map can be perfect for you. The quirky visiual of the globe can make for a unique tattoo. 6 Strange Travel Rules From Around The World You Must Know

4. Follow Your Heart

Are you someone who strictly follows their heart? Fly away with an adorable heart and plane design. A pretty heart can also look fabulous on the inner arms.

5. Mountain Range

Anyone else wishing they were on the mountains? Show off your love for the hills by getting them inked on your wrists. Georgia Welcomes Long Term Visitors To Work Remotely From Its Picturesque Mountains & Beaches

6. In The Clouds

If you feel most at home in the clouds, getting clouds inked can be lovely. The clouds will look ace on your shoulders or your fingers. An aeroplane in the clouds can also be charming.

7. Over The Beach

Getting a sun tattooed along with a palm tree can remind you of everything beach related. You can also get a long-stemmed palm tree inked on your upper back. You will also look fabulous poolside with an anchor or an exotic palm tree.

8. Birds

Show off your love for being free to travel with birds. A few pretty birds on your fingers look so subtle yet so adorable. If you are a powerful wanderlust, it is only right to get a tattoo like this.

9. Elephant

An animal tattoo can be an excellent way to remember all the beautiful creatures you met along your way during your travel. India Gets The First-Of-Its-Kind Memorial For Elephants Who Died From Abuse, Cruelty

10. Compass

Always on the move? A compass is sure to bring out your love for travel and visiting new places. Add some watercolour and your tattoo will simply be dreamy.

You can also get matching tattoos with your travel friend. No matter where you are in the world, you will always have the best travel memory etched in you.