Anand Mahindra Is Amazed At This Dining Table That Moves Around Like A Car

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra is known for lauding innovations across the globe by posting about them on his Twitter handle. He is also known for his witty one-liners which are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever he posts them on Twitter with some image or video featuring something different. His recent post features a group of friends enjoying a meal at a mobile dining table. 

Group Of Four Eating Food On A Mobile Dining Table

Anand Mahindra once again made everyone’s day with his recent post on his Twitter handle. The post included a video that featured mobile dining at a petrol pump with his witty one-liner. He shared a video where one can see a group of four friends having their meal on a dining table that is not an ordinary one but a mobile dining table. The four friends are seated and drive their mobile table to the petrol pump where the attendant refuels the table. Then one of the four friends kickstarts the table and goes off. Anand Mahindra posted this video with the caption,  “I guess this is e-mobility. Where ‘e’ stands for eat…” 

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Netizens Were Amazed

Netizens were actually amazed by the video shared by the Industrialist. The video post spread like wildfire on the internet. People shared their reactions to the video. One user wrote that he found a better mobile dining table in London and attached a video with it. The video was taken on the streets of London with a mobile dining table with people having their meals on it as the mobile table takes them around. 

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