Best Places For Glamping In Abu Dhabi For Starlit Dinners, Entertainment And More

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Best Places For Glamping In Abu Dhabi For Starlit Dinners, Entertainment And More

Most of you must have had a glamping experience, but for all those people who are new to this term, Glamping is a combination of Glamour and Camping. Glamping is way different from camping because here you have comfort, luxury and entertainment. Abu Dhabi is one of the largest Emirates in UAE and if you wish to experience its beauty then glamping is the best way. Here is a list of places for glamping in Abu Dhabi with starlit dinners, entertainment and more

1. Jebel Hafit Desert Park

With a rustic location with archaeological history, Jebel Hafit Desert Park is located at Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak. The enchanting desert park offers you three unique types of stays serving you the most unforgettable glamping experience of your life. Sky Bubbles, Skylight Domes, Heritage Tents are fitted with all the facilities to offer you comfort with luxury. 

2. Bab Al Nojoum

Bab Al Nojoum offers a surreal glamping experience just 20 minutes away from Abu Dhabi. The glamping destination is beautifully located near a serene beach and offers a variety of options for glamping. They have from standard glamping tents that accomodate two to luxurious duplex tents and if you are a bigger group they also have chalet tents. Each and every tent comes with all the luxurious facilities. 

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3. Arabian Nights Village

How about giving a traditional twist to your luxurious glamping experience? Yes Arabian Nights Village works on this very concept as it offers tents inspired by the Bedouin heritage. The tents have all the modern facilities with luxury and comfort with Bedouin beauty. They also offer sun loungers, restaurants, a swimming pool and comfortable sofas outside the tents. 

4. Pura Eco Retreat

The tranquil Pura Eco Retreat is a glamping resort close to the lovely Jubail Mangrove Park. The adults only retreat offers amazing and luxurious pods for glamping. The facilities inside the pods are unmatched and enhance the experience of watching the scenic mangroves. They also have an alfresco restaurant and various well being facilities. 


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