Chocolate, Tandoori, Lemongrass: These Chai Flavours In Delhi Will Leave You Shocked!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1461

Delhi is chai heaven. Whoever thought they know everything there is to know about chai, let us know in the comments if you actually did. Street chai in Delhi is unbeatable but, this city loves a hot steaming chai so much, it had to mix it up with other flavours.

1. Chocolate chai at Chai Sutta Bar

The first and most essential chai flavour is obviously chocolate. If you like two flavours, bang them together into one. Okay, this is not a blanket rule, but it works with these two! Chai Sutta Bar is a nationwide chain and they do a simple and delicious chocolate chai. Served in a kulhad, this is their most popular item on the menu. The Paan, Elaichi and Rose flavoured chai are other best sellers.

Price: ₹10

Where: IFFCO – TOKIO, G-3, 35, 36 Ground, Nehru Place

chai flavour

Image Credit: chai sutta bar fb

2. Alpha’s Tandoori Chai

Half cooked chai is poured into a hot kulhad inside a tandoor. As soon as the beverage touches the earthen pot, it explodes into a cloud of smoke. Once things have calmed down, the chai is served in a fresh kulhad smelling of all good things. The chai carries a smoked flavour concentrated in rich flavour. The style is said to have travelled from Pune to Delhi a while ago. Since then a tandoori chai place has opened up in every locale. Everybody wants to get their hands on the trending tandoori chai. Forget Tandoori Momos! Go For Tandoori Chai!

Price: ₹20

Where: Shop no. 6, Commercial complex, near batra cinema, Mukherjee Nagar

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Picture Credit: history india

3. Shahi Chai at Chaayos

This royal shahi chai is nothing like what you’d imagine chai to be. The chai comes in a small kulhad but, it’s tough to finish it for one person. It’s a really thick, creamy and rich concoction carrying the humble traces of cardamom. It’s full of almonds and perfect for dessert mood. Lots of people prefer it on a rainy day with pakodas too! They’re open till 1 am and host a fun crowd till they close.

Price: ₹130

Where: 54 outlets – F-14/15, 1st Floor, Mezzanine, F Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place and M-7, Ground Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 2

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Image Credit: TripAdvisor

4. Lemongrass chai at Chai Point

Imagine your everyday chai but with lemongrass. They first boil tea with normal tea leaves and then boil it slightly with lemongrass leaves. This refreshing chai is one of a kind. We found this one to be highly experimental but, come to think of it, lemongrass green tea would mot be so uncommon so why not try in chai too?

Price: ₹79-95

Where: 27 outlets – Plot 03, Community Centre, PVR Anupam Complex, Saket and Building-10 UGF/B, Unit 1D-B, Ground Floor, DLF Cyber City

Image Credit: chai point

5. Chai Coffee at Chaiyum

They make a thick coffee and then add tea leaves to it! It’s all about subtle flavour and soothing texture. This place has found a way to satiate coffee lovers and chai drinkers both with one drink. Brilliant or terrible probably depends on how open minded one is. Their Zafrani chai is also highly recommended.

Price: ₹203

Where: Ground Floor, Pinnacle Mall, Sector 10, Dwarka

chai flavours

Image Credit: chaiyum

6. Doodh Mein Patti at The Chai Story

We were very intrigues when we spotted this one. Turns out they’re brewing tea without any water at all. The chai is very thick and more like a night time healthy beverage for a warm sleep. We don’t know if this traditionally qualifies as chai or not but, it’s surely worth a try!

Price: 59

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Image Credit: the chai story

Where: 11 outlets – 37, South Square Mall, Sarojini Nagar and Dhaula Kuan Metro Station, Chanakyapuri

Chai flavours in the city are more fun than normal chai. Of course, roadside chai will always be the fuel that runs Delhi but, these chai flavours are a must try!

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